A mobile app push notification SDK that puts user experience first and foremost

OpenBack is the only mobile engagement platform that utilizes edge computing, machine learning, and device-side decisions to provide your app with the tools you need to personalize your mobile ad campaign, drive user engagement, and maximize customer retention.

OpenBack was founded on the belief that push notifications have become the primary interface for mobile devices, driving what users do every day. But push notifications have been mismanaged in the past, and many users associate them with getting swamped with irrelevant content. Frustrated with the clunkiness and unreliability of standard push notifications, our team envisioned a new evolution of truly user-centric notifications, hyper-personalized and sent at the moment that's convenient for the user, rather than the marketer.

The team set about rebuilding the structure of the push notification platform from the ground up, disrupting the inefficient industry standards that were set in place back when the industry was new, and which no other push notification SDK has questioned. One of OpenBack’s core observations, and hence a core part of the patent and IP portfolio, is that each mobile app should manage and control the delivery and ongoing management of notifications in a personalized, yet scalable, way.

It is key for businesses - and by extension mobile apps - to maintain a positive rapport with their customers. This means striking a delicate balance between helpful, targeted communications and content overload. Nobody has the attention to spend on generic marketing notifications that could be meant for anyone, and a poorly managed campaign could result in an app's notifications being disabled - or, worse, the app itself being uninstalled.

OpenBack gives you the best tools on the market to walk that fine line and provide your customers stellar push notifications customized to their interests and sent at the moment it's most beneficial to them.

Team Values

Visionary & Global

Be pioneers and thought leaders, solving the biggest problems with push notifications and engagement that help all mobile users and mobile apps.

Commit & Deliver

Always deliver - aiming to exceed the expectations we set for our customers and most importantly their users.

User First

OpenBack will accelerate the improvement of push notifications, which are becoming the primary mobile interface. We must always have mobile users in mind to achieve this.

Simple, Open & Helpful

Always OpenBack platform is to make it easy for clients to create great user experiences with push notifications in as simple and easy a way as possible.

Respect Everyone

Respect each other, our customers, their users and everyone we engage with.


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