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Last update: January 2022


2-Minute Tutorial: Data Privacy Settings Available Using OpenBack

To ring in the new year, the team at OpenBack have released a 2-minute YouTube tutorial on data privacy settings avaiable to your OpenBack app. OpenBack is committed to providing a privacy-first solution to the mobile engagement industry. We’ve published many blog posts recently looking into how we achieve that through device-side processing, as well as what the benefits are to making sure your app and its push notifications are compliant with all data privacy regulations by default.

Here’s a quick look at the more practical side of things: how to access your OpenBack dashboard and enable the data privacy settings for your app.

Download our Data Security Whitepaper to learn more about OpenBack’s innovative approach to data privacy:

OpenBack Tutorial on Data Privacy Settings: A Walkthrough

The process starts on the OpenBack dashboard. Simply go to the apps page and select which app you want to customize your settings for. Then, go to that app’s setup page. There is no need to go to app setup tab.

Next, scroll down to data privacy settings. There are two settings: one for data privacy, and one for Consent compliance. This second setting is useful for apps that are looking to comply with regional data privacy regulations, such as GDPR, HIPAA, or COPPA, as it ensures the app user will not receive a notification until they give their consent within the app. Their preference is then saved to the SDK.

Next, there are 3 different settings customizations:

  • Message Outcomes (provides only data surrounding how the user interacted with your notification)
  • Message Outcomes and User Data (provides both Message Outcomes and other user data such as user ID – this setting must be enabled to use Rest API)
  • No Data Collected

The final customizable setting is Platform to SDK transfer, which decides how often the user sends metrics data back to SDK platform. Settings can be set to only run on Wi-Fi, or can run anytime user has any data connection whatsoever.

Why Are Customizable Data Privacy Settings Important?

OpenBack is the only push notification platform that lets your app be data privacy compliant by default, and this tutorial walks you through the steps of achieving that.

Apps can have many reasons for wanting to comply with regional data privacy regulations, especially in a world where global app markets are accessible for even small indie publishers. Kids’ apps in particular may be eager to make sure they abide by all the rules and regulations that individual states and countries might have. Remember, even if your app’s data privacy practices are all compliant, you are also responsible for the data processing of any 3rd-party SDK integrated into your app.

OpenBack offers you full control over your data privacy settings, explained in our tutorial, over your data metrics, and more. Our hybrid mobile engagement platform uses device-side processing to ensure that users’ personal data never has to leave the device and be sent to a 3rd party for processing. This means your app is compliant with GDPR, COPPA, HIPAA and all other regional regulations by default, and if you select our default high-privacy setting you can compliantly send highly personalized push notifications without first obtaining user consent – and users’ data remains fully secure at all times.

To learn more about how this works, get in touch with one of our experts to learn more.


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