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Last update: December 2021


Automated Email Summarizing Apps’ Weekly/Monthly Automated KPIs

In the latest of our custom features for our mobile engagement SDK, OpenBack has just launched our weekly KPI update feature. Through this feature, every one of our clients will receive an email outlining 11 fundamental KPIs of their push notification campaign. The email contains counts of the client’s apps, total installs, MAUs, and how their messages have performed in terms of click through rate.

These emails list KPIs on the basis of All Time, Last Month, Month to Date, and Last 7 Days. And they will deliver on both a weekly and a monthly basis.

Read further to learn more about what KPIs these reports will cover, and how tracking these metrics will benefit your mobile engagement campaign.

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OpenBack’s Automated Email of KPIs

The automated KPIs email is meant to provide a sample of the full range of metrics our clients can access via the OpenBack dashboard. You can learn more about our full metrics, and the push notification funnel that clients can access for their full ecosystem of apps, in our previous newsroom post: OpenBack Announces New Metrics & Measurements Playbook.

automated kpis email

Unique to OpenBack is our ability to define goals in our dashboard. (For example, if a notification results in an in-app purchase.) This goal conversion can then be tied to a specific campaign. We also enable app devs to track an action such as a click on a notification right through to a goal such as a purchase.

OpenBack also supports the capability of defining a time-frame for when the goal should occur. (E.g. 3 hours after delivery of the push notification.) So we provide metrics for goals within and outside these customer-defined windows. Once a client defined a particular goal on our dashboard, they can reuse it for multiple campaigns. Moreover, they can create new goals at any time.

Why Should You Track Your KPIs?

Standard push notification SDKs don’t provide their clients the ability to track metrics or KPIs. And this may be one of the reasons why push notification isn’t fully taken advantage of, the way other channels of mobile marketing are. However, due to OpenBack’s innovative hybrid platform that combines edge computing with machine learning, we are able to provide app developers with complete metrics so they can gauge the effects of their push notifications, and ascertain what works and what needs to be improved in their campaigns.
Tracking KPIs is how mobile marketers are able to build an informed strategy for optimizing their push campaigns, rather than just blindly throwing darts and hoping something hits. Of the above KPIs displayed in OpenBack’s automated emails, it’s crucial to be able to track from week to week how many app installs compared to active devices you have, on a weekly basis. Not only does this allow you to see how successful your user acquisition campaign is, it lets you gauge your retention rate.
Your Monthly Active User (MAU) rate is also important to stay informed on, as that tells you what users are actively opening up your app on a monthly basis. It can be compared with your Daily Active User (DAU) rate to determine your app’s “stickiness.”
New messages, notifications delivered, and click-through rate are all crucial KPIs to track together, as it will provide insights on which notifications users are engaging with. And goal completion KPIs show you whether notifications are successful in actually getting users to do what you want them to do in your app. Such as making a purchase, viewing an ad, completing a level of your mobile game, etc.
Finally, return on push is the ultimate purpose of sending push notifications, and absolutely must be followed closely. What revenues are coming in as a direct result of push notifications? Every other mobile marketing channel has a means of tracking their return on investment… But OpenBack is the only push notification platform that provides this metric, to reassure developers that they aren’t sinking their marketing budget into a fruitless effort.
To learn more about OpenBack’s unique metrics and our hybrid platform, and how it can help you maximize your app’s return on push, get in touch with one of our experts.


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