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Last update: November 2020


FinancesOnline Awards OpenBack Great User Experience

We are very excited to announce that OpenBack has been listed on the website FinancesOnline! OpenBack’s mobile engagement solution was carefully reviewed by FinancesOnline, the fastest growing independent review platform for B2B software solutions.

As a result, OpenBack earned the prestigious award of Great User Experience. This award is given to software applications that stand out based on ease of use, intuitive interface, and well-designed functionalities.

What Is FinancesOnline?

FinancesOnline is a free online platform, based in Poland, that allows you to find and compare the best B2B and SaaS solutions. CEO and founder Sebastian Lambert conceived of FinancesOnline at first as a directory to help connect entrepreneurs with solutions to help grow their businesses.

However, he soon became overwhelmed by choice as he realized there were hundreds of business solutions addressing every one situation. So he realized that there was a need of a comprehensive archive for searching, researching, and comparing different solutions while offering honest, reliable feedback.

FinancesOnline now exists as a trusted source of product information, with a growing community constantly providing more details to help each other in selecting services. Ultimately, this is a hugely valuable resource in terms of saving time and streamlining decision-making.

To read the full report on OpenBack and our exemplary user experience, please visit our profile at