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Last update: May 2021


Mobile Deep Links Boost Your App’s UX

We at OpenBack are dedicated to giving you access to the most technologically advanced and personalizable mobile engagement platform in the industry. Push notifications, like any form of marketing, need to be eye-catching, engaging, and above all personalized. Luckily, the OpenBack SDK facilitates deep links to give your push notifications an extra dimension of engagement.

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What Are Mobile Deep Links?

Deep links are essentially to mobile apps what URLs are to websites. When a user clicks on a push notification, it takes them to the home page of your app. Whereas when they click on a deep link, it takes them to a specific page within your app, as designated by the link. Like other rich media capabilities – such as images, GIFs, audio, etc. – deep links are a sign that your app has gone above and beyond to provide a superior UX and seamless navigation within the app.

In addition to offering added benefit on the user end, deep links are handy for developers in terms of optimized user funneling. Rather than suggest to a user, e.g., “buy this pair of boots” and take them to your app’s home page and hope they go the rest of the way on their own, a deep link will take them directly to the in-app listing for the boots. What’s more, marketers can build an entire campaign around a specific page,

What’s more, deep links get results. Studies show that deep links result in higher goal conversions, with 51% of app users more likely to complete a purchase in-app.

How Can You Maximize Push Campaign Personalization With OpenBack’s Deep Links?

Deep links are another way of customizing your push campaign to a user’s personal interests and needs. You can use them to pass information to a user’s app – such as a promocode or sales information, as in the example with the boots above.ย 

Their use cases for eCommerce and retail apps are obvious, but they can also be used for any app experience. For example, if you want to bring a user of a mobile game back into the app, a deep link can bring them directly to the point in the game they last played. This has tremendous potential for churn prevention, as well as re-engagement of lapsed users.

With OpenBack, you can locally customize deep links as well, both for content and for app URL. With this feature, you can send a notification containing the URL “://{{user.profileID | myprofile}}” and it will pick up the profileID value from the device

For example, say you have a popular football app. You can create a push notification template:

To find out all the latest news on [your favorite team]ย click here! ๐Ÿˆ

Leveraging locally stored data from individual profiles, you can substitute team names in for the text in brackets, as well as customize the URL that deep links to that team’s specific page in-app. So the push notification

To find out all the latest news on the Baltimore Ravens, click here! ๐Ÿˆ

would convey the user straight to the Ravens’ page.

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Other Use Cases

Combine deep links with OpenBack’s Other Apps Signal to grow your mobile app ecosystem: check to see if a user of App X has App Y installed, and if not send them a deep link to App Y’s page in the App Store.

Another potential use case for deep links that will totally change the mobile marketing industry is the ability to send deep links as in-app messages. This, way, even if the user is actively using another app, your push notification with all its rich media – video/image/URL/etc. – will appear at the top of their screen. This gives your message not only the flexibility to reach users when they’re using other apps, but staying power. If the reader swipes your in-app message away, they can access it later in the app inbox.

Ultimately, deep links are the next step in building a more organic, streamlined mobile engagement. By making navigation quicker and easier for your user, you are improving their experience with your app and increasing the likelihood that they’ll continue to open it regularly.

For more insights on OpenBack’s unique data signals and capabilities for creating hyper-personalized, real-time push notifications, get in touch with one of our experts. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions!



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