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OpenBack Finalist for 4YFN Most Innovative Start-Ups Awards 2017

OpenBack participated as 1 of the 8 finalists in 4YFN’s Disrupted by Mobile category, held in Barcelona, Spain. Some of the other participants included: WeFarm,, Wiidii, Bitrefill and Wherehouse.

What Are the 4YFN Awards?

The 4YFN awards at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona recognize the most innovative startups in the following categories:

  • Disrupted by Mobile
  • Internet of Things
  • Digital Media

Each category had 8 finalists, chosen by a jury of experts in the sectors of enterprise, innovation, and finance.

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openback 4yfn

Who Were the Finalists?

OpenBack saw steep competition in attendance at 4YFN. OpenBack’s sector, Disrupted by Mobile, pitted them against contestants from the UK, US, Ireland, Germany, and Spain, among others.

Disrupted by Mobile

This category took place on the 1st day of 4yFN. It focused on innovative start-ups that provide new solutions that provide innovative and disruptive ways to meet challenges in the mobile sector. Finalists include:

  • WeFarm: London, an agricultural app that collates information to improve management of crops
  • New York, a platform that automates conversations with clients
  • The Superbook by Sentio: San Francisco, a startup that turns smartphones into portable computers with the Universal Laptop Dock
  • Wiidii: Bordeaux, a hybrid personal assistent that connects humans to machines using AI
  • OpenBack: Dublin, smart dynamic notification hybrid platform that provides real-time, hyper-personalized mobile engagement
  • Bitrefill: Stockholm, an app that lets you top up your prepaid mobile phone with Bitcoin, from anywhere in the world.
  • Wherehouse: Boston, a startup that unlocks localized information for mobile network operators.
  • Splitfy by Confeti Ventures S.L.: Valencia, online platform for managing group payments.

Internet of Things

The second day of 4YFN focused on the Internet of Things (IoT). Internet of Things is effectively the growing network of smart devices made out of everyday items. The 8 finalists were:

  • eWATERpay: Newbury, an app that uses mobile money and IoT devices to enable affordable deliveries of water to regions in Africa under threat of drought.
  • hu:toma: London, a marketplace platform that creates and monetizes learning through chatbots
  • PiQuant Co Ltd: Seoul, a solution that can detect harmful chemicals, with the objective of improving public health and safety
  • Heptasense: Lisbon, a startup that uses human behavior gesture analysis to assess safety and security risks
  • Aquabit Spirals: Tokyo, an online tool that delivers digital content to your smartphone from any physical object
  • SmartTap Ltd: Haifa, a startup that incorporates standards for reducing water and energy usage through the cloud and machine learning
  • Moodnode: Berlin, an intelligent app that lets you remotely control the lights in your home
  • Breeze: Hamburg, a network of environmental sensors that offer information to inform your decision-making about the air quality in your locality

Digital Media

On the final day of 4YFN, the contestants were in the category of Digital Media. These were all solutions and projects that explored the new methods of generating and consuming digital content. The finalists were:

  • Kasitoko: New York, technology aimed at helping influencers manage their networks and design sales campaigns, with the objective of optimizing ROI
  • TheMotion: Madrid, a tool that allows businesses with digital products to create fast, simple video notifications about products in their catalog
  • Fluzo: Madrid, a digital platform that aggregates the viewing and content data of television viewers
  • Lobster: London, an app that allows agencies and other players to manage download of visual content without running into copyright infringement
  • Influencity: Madrid, a start-up that analyzes influencers across the globe in the interest of developing solid, effective marketing campaigns
  • Itcher – Entertainment Discovery: Barcelona, a personal assistent, that uses community recommendations to suggest entertainment content to view
  • Medianalitics Berlin: Berlin, an IT company that provides an elastic solution in the cloud to qualify brands in real time.
  • Relendo: Valencia, an online platform that allows users to rent personal items to people in their vicinity, and allows companies to rent their products online

Ultimately, OpenBack had an eye-opening experience at 4YFN going toe to toe against some of the best start-ups in the planet.

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