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Last update: November 2020


Watch: OpenBack CTO Christian Ryder Gives Presentation at NOAH 2017

NOAH Conference is a discussion platform for entrepreneurs and start-ups from across the industry to gather and connect with each other. And this year at NOAH Conference 2017, OpenBack had the privilege to be a part of the international meeting of minds. Co-Founder and CTO of OpenBack Christian Ryder gave a presentation discussing smart push notifications.

christian ryder openback NOAH 2017

NOAH 2017: OpenBack Asks “How to Improve Notifications?”

In it, he explores how mobile devices are essentially the primary interface between brands and users. Users are constantly looking at their phones. Therefore, the best way to catch their attention in real-time is via push notifications. However, push notifications have received a bad name. 50% of notifications get blocked, and this is largely due to poor quality of notifications. (For example, sent at the wrong time, in the wrong time zone, bad personalization, etc.)

The problem is notifications were originally designed for email… and they have not evolved since the rise of mobile devices. Traditional notifications come from a server, sent out sporadically in blasts. Ryder states:

“We believe this is fundamentally flawed for a user-centric approach. We believe the device has all the information, has all the app context, has everything about the user.”

OpenBack’s Unique Device-Side Design Puts the User First

OpenBack has a patent-pending mobile engagement platform that combines machine learning and edge computing to achieve 100% reliable delivery for mobile notifications. It uses various data triggers to analyze the context on each individual device: for example, whether someone is at work or just got home, whether they’ve unlocked their device, etc. Using these data metrics, developers can understand when is a good versus bad time to send a notification.

What’s more, OpenBack provides full metrics for app developers to track how users interact with their notifications. Have they clicked, swiped away, or ignored the message? Developers can then use this data to optimize A/B testing. Dynamic notifications then offer functions for seamless editing/deletion of delivered messages.

All of this has resulted in OpenBack achieving more than 6x click-through rate and 10x notification interaction rate to industry standards. OpenBack’s platform currently runs on more than 10 million devices and counting, for apps across all sectors.

To watch the full video of Ryder’s presentation, see below.