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Last update: May 2021


OpenBack Announces Partnership With Microsoft

OpenBack are very excited to announce their new partnership with Microsoft. Building on a previous relationship with the software giant, OpenBack are now official Microsoft partners, with offerings listed on Azure Marketplace and AppSource.

This opens up a valuable opportunity for both Microsoft and OpenBack to reach broader customer bases, while providing OpenBack with the simplicity and security of integrating with the Microsoft cloud. The open and straightforward retail interface provided by Marketplace and AppSource make for an efficient means of connecting with prospective customers.

What’s more, having collaborated with Azure Marketplace in the past, the OpenBack team have found them to be highly professional and dedicated to quality service. CEO David Shackleton recalls an incident where they had to place a troubleshooting call with a Marketplace team member to stay on schedule for a crucial deployment:

“By the next morning we’d already got outside expert help to figure out the problem and we didn’t miss a day on our release schedule. You cannot ask for better than that.”

He goes on to express his excitement for OpenBack’s continued partnership with Microsoft:

“We’ve got lots of value in what we’ve got live, but there’s a whole future stage for us that that’s what we’re really excited about. And that’s what the original idea of the business was.”

What Is Azure Marketplace?

Azure Marketplace is a one-stop shop for software applications and services, all of which come from either Microsoft or Microsoft’s partners. All software available on Azure Marketplace are certified as being fully compatible with the Azure public cloud.

Azure Marketplace’s inventory of over 3,800 items includes categories ranging from virtual machine images to software-as-a-service to blockchain.

What Is AppSource?

Microsoft AppSource is an online app store for business applications, enabling purpose-driven extensions to Microsoft software.

Customers who shop on AppSource are able to pick and use individual apps a la carte, rather than purchasing an entire suite.

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