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OpenBack Mentioned in Sunday Business Post’s 100 Hottest Start-Ups

We are delighted to announce that OpenBack has been included on the Sunday Business Post’s 100 Hot Start-Ups list of 2020. This list appeared in the Sunday paper edition of Business Post, on November 15, 2020. We are next to some fantastic peers in the Irish start-up scene. These include OK Who’s Next?, a software solution that facilitates scheduling appointments for appointment-based businesses, and OpinionX, a platform that surveys citizens and voters of an area for their opinions on issues, to give policymakers a grassroots account of people’s thoughts.

We’re excited to appear on such a list, especially during such a challenging year for businesses. And we look forward to seeing what becomes of our fellow start-ups in the coming months.

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What Is Business Post?

The Business Post is a publication, both print and digital, that provides top-tier journalism on both local and international issues. Their headquarters are based in Dublin, Ireland. So they have their finger on the pulse of the start-up scene in Ireland, a country known for its robust and innovative tech sector.

They provide analysis and commentary on breaking news stories from across the business and technology sector, including:

  • business
  • finance
  • politics
  • technology
  • markets
  • marketing
  • op-eds

Their 40-page supplement piece celebrating Ireland’s entrepreneurial spirit and its thriving SME culture was released in association with Enterprise Ireland.

What Did Business Post Have to Say About OpenBack?

Business Post highlighted OpenBack’s use of edge computing in our mobile engagement solution structure. This, in itself, is one of OpenBack’s most innovative and unique points, allowing for our top-of-the-industry levels of delivery reliability, as well as our default compliance with all data privacy regulations (including GDPR, HIPAA, COPPA, CCPA, and more). Combined with machine learning, OpenBack’s unique push notification architecture allows mobile app developers to hyper-personalize notifications to an extent never before seen in the mobile engagement industry.

OpenBack offers 40+ device-side signals to define the context of a device user’s environment, schedule, battery life, and more. In addition to providing insights on battery life, headphone usage, position of the device, etc., OpenBack’s machine learning can help developers estimate based on device activity patterns. They can then gauge whether the user is at home, at work, in transit, or asleep. OpenBack offers rich media and localization tools, allowing developers to include video streaming, emojis, and deep linking in their notifications. Dynamic notifications also allow for editing or deleting push notifications after they have been sent, to cut back on embarassing misinformation and spam to users’ lockscreens.

OpenBack also provide our clients full access to metrics – including CTR, whether the user engaged with the notification or ignored – as well as capacities for A/B testing to truly optimize your mobile push campaign.

Learn More About OpenBack and the European Start-Up Scene

Being included in the Sunday Business Post’s list is far from the only recognition OpenBack has received. In 2016, OpenBack won the ESB Spark of Genius award at Web Summit. They appear in Irish tech publication Silicon Republic’s list of 30 Tech Start-Ups 2017. They also made the list of finalists for 4YFN’s list of most innovative start-ups for Mobile World Congress 2017.

To learn more about OpenBack’s ranking in the Sunday Business Post’s 100 Hot Start-Ups list, see the article on their website: 100 Hot Start-Ups (I-O).


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