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Last update: February 2021


OpenBack Dashboard & Campaign Management: Multiple Apps, 1 Interface

The OpenBack Dashboard is the most advanced mobile engagement platform in the world. This is not only because it is effectively a hybrid platform, utilizing both machine learning and edge computing for the most exact and detailed personalization of push notifications the industry has to offer. On the OpenBack platform, the Dashboard is the control panel where all the magic happens. Various functionalities that the Dashboard enables include:

  • Designing your push notification campaigns, time-scheduling, segmenting by user, etc.
  • Analyzing metrics of campaigns
  • Performing A/B testing to optimize efficacy of push campaigns
openback dashboard
Image Source: OpenBack Dashboard screenshot

OpenBack Dashboard Segment User Audience Capabilities

The Dashboard allows you to segment push notifications – or different versions of a push notification – according to user demographics or behaviors. For example, you can segment according to age: send notification A to users age 18-25, and notification B to users age 26-35. You can segment according to the default language of the device, or based on whether they have certain mobile apps installed.

This cross-app install functionality is particularly useful for growing your ecosystem, as it allows you to send push notifications nudging users to install a sister or partnering app, if they haven’t already.

You can also segment according to recent user behavior, such as how recently they’ve opened the app. This has proved a highly valuable capability, as it allows developers to send notifications inviting lapsed users to open the app.

OpenBack Dashboard: Delivery Moment Signals

OpenBack offers 40+ delivery moment signals that offer you contextual factors as to the ideal moment for sending a notification. Among these are industry standards such as a user’s local time, their daily and weekly schedule and calendar appointments, weather, and so on.

However, OpenBack distinguishes itself in offering a few wholly unique signals, giving our users greater control at discerning the best moment to send a notification with the highest probability that it will reach your user’s attention. Among these are:

  • Device Decisions Machine Learning Signal, that uses ML to use real-time behaviors and on-device decisions on the user’s part to gauge whether a particular moment is right for sending a notification
  • Whether your device’s lockscreen is engaged
  • Whether your device’s headphone jack is in use
  • Device is in airplane mode or has low battery
  • And much more

Multiple Apps, One Interface

Once you have gained access to the OpenBack Dashboard, you are able to use it to manage push campaigns for all apps across your mobile ecosystem, with no additional cost per app added. This is both highly cost effective, and useful for any developer or studio that has more than one app. It allows you to keep all of your campaigns, metrics, analytics, and test runs on one platform. It also allows you to compare:

  • Different builds of apps
  • Beta and live versions
  • Versions of apps for different app stores around the world (for example, App Store / Google Play / app stores in China)

This all-in-one approach is very helpful for games studios managing multiple games, events app businesses, and literally any other group that has multiple apps. For example, app-developing agencies, or digital or marketing agencies that handle multiple clients’ apps will be able to manage mobile engagement campaigns for their entire clientele on one platform. Companies that develop their own apps (something that’s necessary in this day and age) can also use OpenBack’s dashboard to keep track of different development versus production versions of their app. Or they can test new versions of their app before launch.

The OpenBack Companion App can also be managed on the Dashboard. Create a push campaign and test it on the Companion App, to check the metrics before you launch the campaign for real.


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