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Last update: May 2021


OpenBack SDKs & Developers: Developer Tools

In addition to being the most economical mobile engagement platform – our standard package is free for your first 999 monthly active users, and then just $.01 per MAU after that – OpenBack is also the easiest for developers. When it comes to both integration and ongoing use, navigating the OpenBack dashboard is so intuitive that it practically runs itself. We’ve explored in previous Newsroom posts how easy it is to personalize and segment notifications without backend work. In a similar vein, OpenBack’s comprehensive suite of developer tools makes it easy for developers to get our SDK up and running with their app.

When you have the SDK in your app, you can see it appear right away. And these tools on our dashboard provide quick shortcuts to perform actions such as:

  • Manage your notification settings
  • Limit the number of notifications a user can receive
  • Select whether your app will be data privacy compliant, and to which regulations
  • Setup your app
  • Control how often your app and the OpenBack platform communicate
  • And much more
openback developer tools
Screenshot of OpenBack dashboard

Accessing Developer Tools Through the OpenBack Dashboard

Our developer tools are versatile for both Android and iOS devices. Developers can leverage them on a per-app basis. For example, you would go into your Android app settings on the OpenBack dashboard and click Developer Tools. Then it will show you all the information for the specific app you’re looking at.

A new addition to ease integration shows the last 10 devices that used your app. Developers can search by username (if that is set by the SDK). Enabled developers can then easily confirm the status of their integration by seeing their device register to the dashboard.

openback developer tools


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