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Last update: November 2021


OpenBack Launches New API

OpenBack are excited to announce the beta release of our new lightweight API, which will now be available to all our customers. This next-gen API is lightweight and RESTful, designed to facilitate simplicity and flexibility when it comes to all aspects of designing, scheduling, and delivering a mobile engagement campaign to your ecosystem of apps. Among other features, it enables instantaneous integration of backend systems, as well as an easy and streamlined framework for delivering messages to individual or groups of users while composing content, segmenting, managing templates, and delivering messages in real-time, all using the OpenBack Dashboard.

OpenBack Dashboard Screenshot

This all-in-one dashboard makes it easy to manage multiple push notification campaigns for a publisher’s entire ecosystem of apps. With our reliable delivery resulting from device-side data processing, mobile marketers can for the first time schedule notifications to arrive at the exact moment that it most benefits the user, which drives higher levels of message click-through than standard push platforms. 

Device-side processing also means our customers have access to complete metrics for optimization of their push campaigns, including active devices, app sessions, goal conversions, and rolling retention rates. All metrics are accessible through our dashboard, which also includes capabilities for A/B testing.

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What Is a RESTful API?

A RESTful API is built according to the REST (representational state transfer) architecture. The benefits of a RESTful API include flexibility on implementing guidelines on an as-needed basis. This means RESTful APIs are faster and more lightweight. They are highly scalable, and are the most common form of API used in mobile app development.

OpenBack’s API Beta Release

Building on years of experience with our bespoke enterprise APIs, and after months of intensive work and testing, OpenBack is extending its groundbreaking backend architecture. The new API uses next-generation high volume and velocity approaches to enable pretty much unlimited instant scaling for apps of all scales, up to and beyond hundreds of millions of users, which some OpenBack customers already exceed. 

Every API call enables our customers to message single or multiple groups of app users with personalized notifications and in-app messages. For messages targeting just one user, each API call can deliver a message for up to 2.5k users in one call.

Personalizing Notifications With Attributes

Attributes can also be used to target specific users with a message that is personalized according to user data that is stored on-device. If no attribute data can be found a user, it will fallback on a default value. All attribute setup takes place app-side, so there is no need to manage new userIDs, just the ones you have. If the user permits you to access their contact list, you can also use phone numbers stored on the device. 

For example, if the user’s first name can be found, a message using Attributes will personalize the content to address the user by name. If not, it will address them by the default fallback of “friend.”


The dashboard is intuitive and easy to use, with functions for composing notification content, assigning data signals and user segments, and tracking metrics. App integration is simple and streamlined, with full support from our team of experts if needed.

Moreover, this new API is developer first all the way: it includes a developer portal to grab sample code, test API calls instantly, and also comes with full Postman support.

About OpenBack

OpenBack is a hybrid mobile engagement platform that uses machine learning and device-side data processing to send highly personalized notifications to app users in real-time. Our SDK is 100% data privacy regulation compliant by default, because user data never has to leave the device or be accessed by 3rd parties. Our device-side data leveraging also enables highly reliable delivery of notifications, as well as full insights on user interaction and other metrics for optimizing your push campaign. The new OpenBack API encompasses an intuitive dashboard and complete metrics tracking for as many mobile apps as you need.

Our 40+ unique data signals give developers full control over timing, allowing them to choose the best moment to deliver a notification from the user’s vantage point, boosting likelihood of clicks and goal conversions. Because of this and our privacy regulation compliance, OpenBack is the #1 choice of push notification SDK for many leading app and mobile games of all verticals, especially kids’ apps.

To learn more about our new API, our complete metrics, or how you can get started optimizing your notification click-through rate and boosting revenues from push, get in touch with one of our experts.


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