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Last update: May 2021


OpenBack Platform Releases Updated Unity Plugin

As 2021 rolls out, OpenBack will be announcing a series of new features and updates that will be of interest to app developers. Our first announcement is our launch of a new Unity plugin for the latest version of our SDK. Unity is a games engine whose primary advantage is that it enables developers to easily pull plugins/components from other developers. This means the basic building blocks of mobile game or app development is highly accessible, as new developers don’t have to build all functionality from scratch.

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openback unity

What Is Unity?

Unity is a development platform, most often used to support games. Unity is favored by many games developers because it provides a lot of the basic, preliminary tools needed, and it outputs finished products to both iOS and Android. Thus, it saves smaller developers a lot of time in the fundamental development stages. Launched in 2005, Unity aimed to make the process of games development more democratic, by making it more accessible to indie developers. Initially, it supported only Mac OS X, but since then has been expanded to support 25 different platforms.

Today, Unity has around 45% market share of all mobile games. They offer both free and subscription licensing, depending on the size and profitability of the developer. They offer a wealth of creative tools to create 2D, 3D, virtual reality, and augmented reality (AR) games. And while it’s mostly games that use Unity, the engine has a lot of potential to offer any industry. Companies in the film, automative, and engineering industries have adapted Unity’s animation, audio, native font rendering, UV mapping, among other tools for creating simulations and other animated experiences.

For example, musician Childish Gambino and his creative management team made use of Unity’s vast creative toolbox to develop PHAROS, an immersive AR experience to accompany his latest album.

How Does OpenBack Facilitate the Unity Plugin?

OpenBack has always had a Unity Plugin, enabling game developers using Unity to easily integrate the OpenBack SDK within their game. But with the launch of Unity 2020.2, OpenBack has completely rebuilt our Unity Plugin to support the latest versions of our platform. Among other benefits, this makes it much easier for developers to include OpenBack in their Unity games.

For example, the new Unity window editor provides a single place for developers to configure Android and iOS. This makes it much easier to setup your mobile app with OpenBack for Unity, and streamlines going live. There is also an easier integration process, with no need for a code for a basic install. What’s more, there is no longer the need to follow separate integration guides. OpenBack has updated the API for full access to the native library.

openback utility menu

After importing the OpenBack Unity package, open the configuration window from the menu Window > OpenBack > Settings

To see an example of an app developed through Unity, which game developers can easily follow, see our GitHub page.

openback unity sample app

More Exciting News…

In the coming week, OpenBack will be releasing the Openback Unity plugin on the Unity Asset store. This will make it even easier for games developers to find OpenBack when they look for plugins or solutions for mobile push notifications. Keep an eye out on our Newsroom and Twitter for future posts!



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