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Last update: November 2020


OpenBack Receives Confirmation of US Patent Issuance

We at OpenBack Limited are very excited to receive final confirmation of our US patent issuance, active as of April 28, 2020. Our hybrid platform, officially entitled as “Method and System for Generating Local Mobile Device Notifications,” is now fully patented by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, who have named us as the inventors of the platform, thus protecting the company from infringement.

The patent will last 20 years from the date the application was filed, expiring on July 6, 2037. The patent number is No. 10,638,279.

In addition to this being a milestone for OpenBack, this also means an important shift in the way governments and other institutions are looking at data processing and the mobile industry. While personal data (PII) is still officially defined along the lines of HIPAA (1996) and COPPA (1998), before the internet or mobile devices were prevalent, the issuing of OpenBack’s patent shows that the government recognizes the necessity of a more up-to-date approach to data security, that protects users’ privacy and ownership of their own data. It is also exciting to see that OpenBack’s revolutionary approach to the push notification architecture has been officially recognized as having potential to overhaul the entire industry of mobile engagement.

To learn more about the OpenBack platform, and how it uses edge computing and machine learning to give you the highest degree of personalization and real-time delivery of push notifications in the mobile industry, read about the 3 Pillars of our Premium Mobile Engagement Platform.

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