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Last update: May 2021


OpenBack Tutorial: Using Metrics to Maximize Your Return on Push

In our latest OpenBack tutorial video, we provide a screen-by-screen walkthrough of how to use our metrics module.

Download our NEW Metrics & Measurement Playbook to learn how to optimize your push campaign!

In order to use these updated metrics, for full effect you must see that your apps are using OpenBack’s latest V4 SDK. This new OpenBack dashboard homepage shows high level metrics information, including:

  • push funnel visualization
  • current number of active devices, with change in audience number over last 30 days
  • current number of active devices with notifications allowed, with change in audience number over last 30 days
  • monthly active users (MAU) over the past 30 days
  • total goal revenue that can be attributed to push notifications
  • Return on Push metric which calculates your Return on Push generated over the past 30 days
  • message interaction and click-through rates
  • and much more!

Below these visualizations, there is displayed a timeline of these metrics displayed on interactive charts, so you can view the complete effects of your push notification in real-time.

To view the complete OpenBack tutorial walk-through of our upgraded metrics and dashboard, and how you can leverage it, watch the full video below.


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