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Last update: August 2021


OpenBack’s Data Privacy Mode Provides Advanced Features for Transparency

Data privacy is fast becoming a #1 priority in the mobile app industry. Smartphones – really, any smart device that’s capable of tracking user data and sending push notifications – are ubiquitous in nearly every country on the globe. And when you consider the fact that in 2020 people generated 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day, it makes sense that governments and regulatory bodies are scrambling to codeify how mobile apps and data processors are allowed to handle users’ personal identifying information (PII). But the way we manage data is changing almost faster than governments can regulate it. And with users more aware than ever of the potential for damage that misuse of mass data can effect, it’s crucial that apps can reassure users their data is in safe hands.

OpenBack is an innovator in the mobile engagement industry when it comes to data privacy, being the only push notification platform that offers a “data privacy mode” that is compliant by default with all local regulations, including GDPR, COPPA, HIPAA, CCPA, and more. Read further to learn more about OpenBack’s unique advanced features that come with selecting our data privacy mode.

data privacy mode

OpenBack’s Advanced Features

Selecting OpenBack’s data privacy mode on our dashboard is simple and intuitive. When you are designing your notification, writing content, assigning data signals, etc. simply select “Data Privacy Mode” from the drop-down menu. This engages our patented hybrid mobile edge computing feature, which processes all user data directly on the device itself. This is a stark innovation on the traditional structure of sending push notification, which sends user data to a 3rd-party cloud server (either APNS for iOS devices, or Firebase for Android devices) for processing.

Data processing is an integral part of sending contextual, personalized push notifications. Without leveraging user data, mobile marketers will end up sending generic or irrelevant notifications, at inappropriate moments. This serves to both annoy users and minimize return on push notifications. So most users understand that a certain amount of data processing is necessary for quality of app UX.

And the fact that with OpenBack’s data privacy mode users’ data stays on their device means users can have confidence that their data isn’t going to be sold to 3rd-party advertisers, or leaked to unscrupulous organizations. Because data stays on the device, apps can be reassured that their method of sending push notifications is 100% COPPA, HIPAA, and GDPR compliant. And there is no need to obtain consent from users (or their parents, in the case of COPPA) to process their data.

Other Privacy-Positive Features of OpenBack’s Data Privacy Mode

OpenBack’s privacy mode includes other features that emphasize our platform’s role as an industry leader when it comes to a more ethical, transparent way of treating our users’ data.

First, since user data remains on the device, it also remains entirely in the ownership of the user. While the OpenBack platform does have access to user data for the purpose of personalizing notifications and assigning data signals, we provide full data deletion upon user request.

Ultimately, OpenBack’s bold move in the direction of mobile edge computing and a safer, more responsible way of processing users’ private data means our SDK is the trusted favorite of kids’ apps and mobile game developers, as well as anyone who wants to foster a positive rapport with their users. Get in touch with one of our expert team to learn more.

To learn more about OpenBack’s data privacy mode and groundbreaking approach to mobile engagement, download our Data Security Whitepaper:


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