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Last update: May 2021


OpenBack’s New Docs, Knowledge Base, Support Center & Live Chat

OpenBack has been releasing a series of new features since the start of January 2021. This week, we’re excited to announce that we’ve updated our Docs section and Knowledge Base for more intuitive UX. We’ve also added a Support Center and Live Chat function to our website, and we’re looking forward to answering your questions about everything to do with mobile engagement! We hope this will make it much easier for the developers who use our platform to roll out better push notifications for your app.

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OpenBack Docs

We have completely overhauled the Technical Documentation section on our website:

This new and improved docs site makes integration of the OpenBack SDK with your app even easier to follow. Next-generation Technical Documentation makes core integration and use of our advanced features a streamlined and intuitive process. To this effect, our Docs section offers a clean UI with easy-to-follow guides. An easy-to-navigate sidebar provides quick access to documentation outlining how to use our platform, for both iOS and Android operating systems.

We offer guides to Integration, Advanced Functions, SDK API, Release Notes, and Technical FAQs that cater to each native mobile SDK. We also offer Migration guides to help users quickly onboard from other push notification providers. We have details for native SDKs, as well as cross-platform plugins such as Unity, React, and more.

Plus, our Advanced Search functionality combines both the Docs site with the OpenBack Knowledge Base, making it much easier for you to find any answers you’re looking for.

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OpenBack Knowledge Base and Support

OpenBack’s new Knowledge Base site provides access to quick answers to any questions you might have about our platform:

Here we offer a complete knowledge base that covers everything you’ll need to know about the platform, including:

  • dashboards
  • how to use OpenBack’s signals
  • how to make the most of the platform and its features
  • examples of how to use Custom Segments

The Knowledge Base features built-in support, so you can open a ticket about any topic you have a question on and track its status. The Base offers both General FAQs – offering a wealth of answers to questions such as “What is a Campaign?”, “What Is a Signal?”, “What Is User Level Messaging?” – as well as more targeted FAQs, such as “How Does the Other Apps Signal Work?” and “What Is the Difference Between the Location and Locale Signals?”

There are iOS- and Android-specific FAQs, how to perform A/B testing, how to export data, as well as step-by-step walkthroughs on how to design your notifications, what aspect ratio to incorporate rich media such as JPGs or videos, and more. We also have extensive video tutorials that give step-by-step guides of how to use our dashboard and other features.

We have updated our Support Policy, and for any questions you can’t find in our Knowledge Base site, we look forward to helping you resolve them.

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We also offer complete support and coverage with our with our LiveChat feature. We have real-time agents ready to answer any question you have, ranging from sales and customer support, but also for detailed support within the Dashboard, to help you set up push notification campaigns. We are also on-hand to help you with integrating the OpenBack platform, and to resolve any questions you may have that weren’t covered in the Knowledge Base.

Our LiveChat feature can be accessed from any page on our website. Whether you have a specific question or feedback for us, it puts you in contact with a real specialist who is best suited to answer any questions you have about the OpenBack platform or push notification technology.

Want to learn more? Get in touch with one of our experts.


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