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Last update: May 2021


Recap of Grow.Co’s MAU 2019 Summit, Las Vegas

OpenBack made a whirlwind trip to Nevada last week to attend MAU 2019 in Las Vegas. We had a stellar time at the summit as we got to meet and connect with some of the top players in the mobile apps industry, as well as some exciting, new startups.

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Brainstorming New Use Cases

We had some great talks with other summit attendees, resulting in shared insights, constructive feedback, and a few potential partnerships down the pipeline. What’s more, everyone we chatted with gave some invaluable ideas, strategies, and insights for us to take back to HQ.

One thing we noticed that garnered a lot of curiosity from other summit attendees, even some of those who already use push notifications, was our use of device-side triggers and real-time capabilities. A few people we networked with helped us brainstorm some new potential use cases for our SDK, while others expressed interest in a trial integration.

All in all, we spoke with representatives of apps from every corner of the industry, and we met with a lot of interest. Which just goes to show that there’s a high demand for the OpenBack product, and its potential use cases are practically limitless.

Insights and Strategies

In addition to these chats and a lot more, we also had the opportunity to sit in on different talks and panels, led by mobile giants such as Pandora and Lyft, as well as rivals Leanplum and Braze. We came away with some valuable insights about customer acquisition, growth, retention, and personalization.

For a quick recap, there’s been a shift in the language used in the mobile apps field, according to Pandora. For example, it’s no longer “acquisition”… it’s referred to as customer “growth,” a more holistic term which takes into account the value and lifespan of growing a relationship with customers. Lyft put it best as,

“Your growth strategy is as good as your weakest handoff.”

Basically, don’t try to scale too soon, if it’s beyond your means. It’s crucial for finance, product, and growth to have a healthy tension, as data is assessed in terms of short-term versus lifetime value.

Other buzzwords that panel speakers emphasized for 2019 included machine learning, orchestration, optimization, and “bingeing” (particularly with streaming apps). There is also a growing awareness of mental health in the app industry, particularly for the younger generations who are apps’ majority user base. Bypass addictive tactics such as “likes” counting in favor of a long-term, wellness-positive approach. Get to know your customers for their hopes and fears, rather than as just an index finger at the other end of the interface.

Building off of this idea, personalization featured strongly in panel discussions about customer retention. This can mean knowing your customer, and sending notifications specific to their interests. Or it can mean just having a really great hook that no one will be able to pass up. Push notifications are imperative in these communications, as only 10% of email marketing gets opened, and there’s a lot of fallow ground in terms of user engagement that isn’t sufficiently tapped into.

Other panels included speakers offering their strategies regarding CRM usage, risk-taking and rebounding from failures, and the huge use case potential for push notifications in the gaming industry.

Overall, it was a fantastic opportunity to get to speak with so many influential names, and we can’t wait for next year!