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Last update: April 2021


Return on Push – New Metrics & Active User Based Pricing

The mobile engagement industry has tremendous potential for reaching out to app users and maximizing returns for app publishers. But its core tool – push notifications – are built on an old, flawed technology that has barely been updated since 2009. This is reflected in industry benchmarks, which currently sit at 50% for opt-in rates among device users and a 2% click-through rate (CTR). Nobody should be satisfied with such abysmal metrics, especially in a digital society where a brand’s primary interface with consumers is through their smartphones. At OpenBack, our mission is to improve the quality of your push notifications, and we’ve just made it easier for you to do that with our all-new metrics and pricing model.

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We want to align ourselves with our customers’ goals in order to get you higher click-through rates and maximize your return on your push investment. We’ve introduced various innovations and improvements to push technology that let our clients accomplish this. And we have seen results in kind: even the lower end of push notification CTR is 4x higher than the industry standard of 2-4%. 

Recently, we’ve taken a huge step forward with the launch of 2 industry firsts:

  1. Huge upgrade to the available Metrics & Analysis to include the full scope of insights on your Return on Push
  2. Revised our pricing, so our customers only pay when their users & players open and use your mobile app.

What Is Return on Push?

Return on push is the measure of performance based on what you have invested in your push notification marketing campaign, in terms of revenues resulting from users engaging with your app. Push notifications are a far more nuanced technology than other forms of digital marketing, so return on push can be more difficult to calculate than, e.g., return on email marketing. And with push notifications there are a great deal more variables on the developer’s side that can affect click-through rate, and consequently goal conversions. Maximizing your return on push is largely a case of extensive metrics analysis and A/B testing throughout your push campaign. 

OpenBack is the only push provider that sends developers complete metrics. So not just the delivery of the notification, but how the app user engages with it, and whether it resulted in a goal conversion. With these valuable insights into the effect of your push campaign, you have the tools you need to evaluate your return on push and maximize through iterating.

OpenBack’s New Metrics, Analysis and KPI Dashboards

OpenBack’s full, comprehensive range of metrics lets you track your push campaigns through every step of the customer engagement life cycle. Other mobile engagement platforms, which are structured around the cloud server, can only track metrics on the server side. This means that developers only receive information on whether a notification has been successfully sent from the cloud. They get no insight on what happens after that, and remain in the dark even as to whether the notification has successfully delivered to the designated device.

However, OpenBack provides complete metrics and analysis with which you can track and finetune your push campaigns. You can view the progress of your app from the OpenBack dashboard, which provides full insights on app and user metrics, as well as a visualization of the push notification funnel, across 9 categories and 27 new data sections:

  • active users cohorts – and how push notifications are impacting them
  • retention cohorts and push impact
  • rolling retention
  • session behavior and push impact
  • goal revenue and push impact & push influence
  • and much more

We have also released a radical new set of push notification KPIs to let you track how your push campaign is helping you achieve your goals. Our simple, interactive dashboards provide an intuitive visualization of how your push notifications are performing in terms of opt-in rates, MAUs, MAUs resulting from push notifications, push notification interaction rate, and push notification click-through rate. We provide simple data exports and comparison to industry benchmarks so you can track the progress you’re making using OpenBack and calculate your revenues and overall return on push. 

What’s more, we provide our customers with data no other push provider is capable of offering, such as how users engaged with your notification; whether it resulted in an app open, goal conversion, or uninstall; event tracking and user churn prediction; and much more!

OpenBack’s New Return on Push Metric

Among the new metrics, our early adopters were especially excited about the Return on Push metric. If you set up your revenue goals in the OpenBack dashboard, the platform will instantly tell you your latest Return on Push metric. It provides automatic insights on how much more money you made through your push notification campaign. It takes that revenue and subtracts from it the amount that your push notification platform cost you. 

With this particular metric, you get immediate, real-time feedback on how successful your investment in push is. And you can see how that is affected by individual push notifications, giving you invaluable guidance on how better personalize and schedule your campaigns.


OpenBack’s New Pricing Model Aligned to Return on Push

By drastically boosting deliverability, reliable timing, and notification click-through rate, OpenBack enables far higher return on push than industry standards. In fact, we are so confident in our ability to increase your average click-through/open rate for your push notifications by at least 4x that we have redesigned our payment structure based on how much benefit our platform brings to our users. Our improved model now offers 4 different tiers of pricing plans, all of them aligned to our customers’ returns. 

All of our users receive 200 free credits once they sign up for an account with OpenBack. Our first-tier Free Forever plan offers the service free for the first 1,000 monthly active users (MAUs), and is most attractive to mobile apps that are still in the beginning stages of scaling.

And for companies that have scaled and are interested in more comprehensive packages, we offer the premium Growth, Pro and Enterprise Plans. For these customers, we offer a more bespoke pricing option, where pricing is aligned to their return on push. For these high-level tiers, we offer access to our platform’s more advanced features, such as Onboarding and Platform Migration Management, Dedicated Customer Success Manager, Dynamic A/B Testing, Intelligent Routing, and much more.

By the Way… There’s More

Our website just had a complete facelift as well, and if you are reading this you are on it! Check out our new solution, how it works and how you can use it to increase your revenue. We’ve streamlined website navigation, so you have easy access to our resources on thought leadership, whitepapers, case studies, playbooks, and more.

We want our users to benefit as much as possible from our extensive platform and its unique capabilities, so we’ve also completely updated our documentation section and knowledge base to walk you through every step of the process, from onboarding to metrics analysis. Plus, we’ve added a support center and live chat function for anyone with questions that aren’t covered in our docs section.  


Our goal at OpenBack is to help you take maximum advantage of push notifications using our platform in order to drive success for your mobile apps. By focusing on return on push as both the inspiration behind our platform and the driver of our payment plans, we hope to set a new industry standard for mobile engagement. Because an average push notification click-through rate of 2% is simply not good enough, and our results have proved that you can have much more. Push notifications are the perfect, customizable method for communicating with your users in real-time, and OpenBack gives you the tools to drive success and maximize returns for your mobile app.

Calculate the return on investment you can achieve with OpenBack with our ROI Calculator:

If you have any further questions about our platform or metrics, get in touch with one of our experts. We look forward to hearing from you!


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