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Last update: July 2021


OpenBack Dashboard & Campaign Management: Unlimited Users

The OpenBack dashboard is designed to streamline design and deployment of your push notification campaigns. We’ve already explored how the onboarding process is simple and intuitive, with device-side integration instead of complex backend integration required by other mobile engagement platforms. Now we will explore the OpenBack dashboard’s unlimited users feature, which allows as many users of your team to login and access your account as you need.

OpenBack Dashboard’s Unlimited Users Feature

Your account with OpenBack accommodates different unlimited users being able to login and access the interface. This encompasses different capabilities and different clearances for different roles among team members. For example, depending on how big of a team your mobile app has, you may wish to set up different roles for developers versus mobile marketers.

Account administrators will have full control over the composing and scheduling of push notifications, accessing metrics and measurements, segmenting user cohorts, performing A/B testing, assigning signals for delivery of notifications, etc.

Lower-level team members can have varying levels of control, such as read-only or apps-only. Users with access to the View Messages page can view the content of your messages and their performance, without being able to edit or change anything. There are 5 tabs that contain your messages:

  • Active – These messages are currently running and being delivered
  • Draft – These are drafted messages that have yet to be activated
  • Sent – This tab shows all messages that were sent by Legacy Push and cannot be reactivated
  • Archived – These are old messages that have been deactivated and will no longer deliver. You can always reactivate an archived message
  • All – This tab contains all messages created

Using Multiple Users to Streamline Workflow

Much like other platforms that allow for unlimited users/viewers such as Google Docs, etc., OpenBack is perfectly suited for use by teams working remotely, as many of us have been doing for the past year and a half. It allows for easy collaboration between content writers, marketers, and engineers, so your entire team can stay on the same page.

For example, a member of your content team can draft a message, and then a different user can approve it, assign it to a user segment, assign signals to determine when to send it out, and then deploy. It allows for seamless workflow distribution, for maximum efficiency for everyone on your team.

Learn more about the metrics you can access on the OpenBack Dashboard by downloading our NEW Metrics & Measurement Playbook to learn how to optimize your push campaign!


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