We are a focused team with decades of mobile and online specific experience, dedicated to making your app more engaging.

Thinking back to the challenges we've had running our own mobile app-based businesses, the OpenBack team has worked to come up with innovative solutions by rebuilding the concept of a push notification SDK from the ground up.

Meet the Team at OpenBack HQ

David Shackleton


David Shackleton is a co-founder of OpenBack, the only mobile engagement platform with dynamic push notifications and device-side decisions. In 2006, David also co-founded Ding, the largest international top-up platform which delivers a top-up every second across more than 130 countries. David served as Ding's CEO when the business employed over 220 people around the world, bringing in annual revenues in excess of $500m from Ding.com, mobile apps, and 600,000+ retail stores globally. Prior to Ding, David was a management consultant with the Monitor Group in the US, working in Boston and New York. David is an alumnus of Trinity College Dublin, where he holds a degree in Computer & Electronic Engineering.

Christian Ryder


Christian Ryder is a co-founder of OpenBack, the world’s leading user-first push notification platform. Christian is a skilled mobile technologist who has repeatedly worked on groundbreaking technologies for leading companies. including Ericsson and Elavon as well as his own initiatives. Christian holds a degree in Commercial Software Development, and his depth of technical experience and leadership has enabled the unlocking of user-centric notifications that appear simple to the app and user.

Ray Nolan

Non-Executive Director

Ray Nolan is a serial tech entrepreneur from Dublin and currently the Founder & President of XSellCo. He was the creator of Hostelworld, Coretime, and xSellco, and he also chaired Skyscanner, Asavie, WhatClinic, and many other successful online businesses.

Nicolas Pabion

Engineering Lead

Nicolas Pabion has a BS in Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech, US. He worked as a software engineer for Altera, and then as a senior software engineer in the Bay Area, developing the core OS for the Palm Pilot which later become webOS, whose core still runs on LG smart TVs around the world.


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