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Last update: September 2021

5 mins to read - 2021/09/13

COPPA Compliance for Mobile Games Developers

5 mins to read - 2021/09/07

Kids Privacy Certification Roundup: Are They Worthwhile for Your App?

4 mins to read - 2021/09/03

CCPA vs. GDPR: The Basics

4 mins to read - 2021/08/30

COPPA Violation and Its Consequences: How Your App Can Avoid It

5 mins to read - 2021/08/27

COPPA vs. GDPR-K: A Privacy Regulation Breakdown

5 mins to read - 2021/08/20

Mobile Marketing Towards Kids: Why Children’s Privacy Matters

4 mins to read - 2021/08/16

5 Ways Your Kids’ App Can Protect Users’ Digital Data Privacy

4 mins to read - 2021/08/13

Monetization for Kids Apps: How to Be Profitable and COPPA Compliant

4 mins to read - 2021/08/11

A Beginner’s Guide to COPPA Compliance

3 mins to read - 2021/08/09

What Is a Push Token? (And How Has OpenBack Made Them Obsolete?)

5 mins to read - 2021/07/23

Make Push Notifications a Pillar of Your Mobile Growth Campaign in 2021

4 mins to read - 2021/07/21

Netflix Expands into the Mobile Gaming Sector

4 mins to read - 2021/07/19

Using Notifications in Your Roguelike Mobile Game to Boost Retention

4 mins to read - 2021/07/12

In-App Advertising: Using it for Monetization of Your F2P Mobile Game

5 mins to read - 2021/07/09

How Push Notifications Can Drive Users to Your Hyper-Casual Game

6 mins to read - 2021/07/05

Building Users’ Habits Earlier: Tips for Designing an Addictive App

5 mins to read - 2021/07/02

How to Use Push Notifications to Boost Customer LTV for Your Mobile App

4 mins to read - 2021/06/28

What Is HIPAA and How Does It Affect Your Mobile Health App?

5 mins to read - 2021/06/25

Apple and Mobile CRM: The Data Privacy Advantages of Processing Data On-Device

5 mins to read - 2021/06/21

The Brave New World of Data Privacy Laws for Kids Apps


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