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The 3 Pillars of OpenBack: A Premium Mobile Engagement Platform

Mobile engagement is something of a niche industry, already pretty saturated with competition. And when it comes to push notifications, mobile developers aren’t the ones engaging with the end results. So the temptation is there to just pick an SDK and hope for the best. However, not all mobile engagement platforms are created alike. Push technology has taken the same approach since 2010, and mobile developers’ and users’ needs have evolved since then.

OpenBack has completely revamped the traditional design of mobile engagement and push technology. And OpenBack provides a premium mobile engagement experience, focused on the needs of the user. It has done this by using edge computing to leverage device-side data. OpenBack’s improvements on standard push notification platforms can be summed up with our Three Pillars: Reliable, Engaging, and Compliant.

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100% Reliability

Reliability is a huge factor in how users experience your push notifications. To understand how important reliability, or deliverability, is, we must first explain how with some platforms it can go wrong. In the traditional push notification SDK, there are three main parts:

  • The app
  • App backend servers
  • Third-party cloud servers: APNs (iOS) and Google Firebase (Android)

Once activated, the SDK collects the push token from the app, sends it to the notification system for storage. This then sends it on to the cloud server. The cloud server ultimately returns the push token to the mobile app as a notification. Even when everything goes according to plan, this model necessitates there being a time lag, as push tokens travel to global push delivery servers before the notification makes it to the device.

Common pain points of this model include push notifications that arrive with a time lag – this means a push campaign, with various messages that work in communication with each other, could come all at once, or in the wrong order. Notifications with time-sensitive information, such as breaking news, or a reminder of an appointment, could arrive too late to be worthwhile. Or even might not arrive at all!

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OpenBack guarantees 100% reliability for its push notifications by cutting out the necessity for the cloud servers. Our default mode processes data and push tokens between the app backend server and the device itself. This means delivering push notifications in real-time. Plus, app developers can keep track of:

  • Confirmation that your notification was delivered
  • Whether notification went to the lockscreen/notification center
  • If notification was engaged with or ignored
  • Whether a notification directly resulted in an uninstall

Optimized Customer Mobile Engagement

OpenBack’s custom dashboard provides mobile developers with the tools to make their push notifications more engaging than ever! For one thing, OpenBack provides 40+ data triggers for in-depth personalization and segmenting.

It also provides support for features that help you step up the content of your notifications. Straight text no longer grabs attention in a digital world where device users constantly receive videos, music, and other multimedia. Pique your users’ interest with rich, engaging, interactive notifications. Send them video or GIF content, or direct them to a unique page within your app with deep links.

Be sure to customize for global users, by sending notifications personalized for different languages, time zones, or geolocation. Send an informed push campaign, taking into account your users’ daily schedule, habits, and other preferences by using our 40% user-centric device triggers. Does your user have work, school, or a lengthy commute every day? Schedule notifications to deliver outside of those hours. Do they have specific interests, such as vegetarian cuisine, or glassblowing? Direct them towards content of yours that may appeal to them, in such a way that will result in maximum ROI. OpenBack even provides data analytics tools for audience estimation, delivery predictions, and campaign reporting, so every notification counts as a learning experience.

For more tips on how to write great content for engaging push notifications, check out our recent blog post.

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Compliance to All Data Privacy Regulations

Last but not least, thanks to OpenBack’s unique architecture, in which data is leveraged on the device itself instead of being sent to servers, OpenBack is by default compliant with GDPR, COPPA, HIPAA, and the upcoming CCPA privacy regulations. This is because sensitive data never has to leave users’ devices, and users retain complete ownership of it at all times.

The mobile app can personally select its compliance levels according to where they and their clients are based. But OpenBack never sells user data to third-parties. What’s more, users can request to have their personal data immediately deleted at any time. Learn more about user data rights by reading our privacy policy.

OpenBack views user data security as of utmost importance, and our commitment to data privacy has earned us the trust of mobile apps that deal with sensitive information. OpenBack is inherently HIPAA and COPPA compliant. This makes us the ideal platform to send communications to medical or healthcare-centered apps, or to children’s apps or mobile games.

OpenBack Is a Mobile Engagement Game-Changer

With these three pillars, OpenBack completely revolutionizes the very concept of mobile engagement. Mobile engagement technology has not changed the way it is structured in nearly a decade. OpenBack understands that in a more diverse world where attention is scarce and content is superfluous, push notifications need to be real-time and they need to be individually tailored. What’s more, with data security being a more pressing topic than ever before, we believe it’s crucial to maintain ethical and regulation-compliant practices when it comes to user data.

OpenBack can offer you that, and so much more as well. Get in touch with one of our experts to learn more.

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