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5 Mobile Games and Learning Apps That Your Kids Will Love

As our daily lives become increasingly mobile, smartphones are fast finding their ways into children’s hands. Under proper supervision, a smartphone can be a good tool or learning device for younger children. At parents’ discretion, there are plenty of great mobile games out there for your kids. They can range from learning apps to beginner’s reading apps to games just for fun.

We took a look at some of the best mobile games out there for younger children, and here are a few of our favorites.

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Toca Boca

Explore enough apps for kids around kindergarten age, and Toca Boca is going to come up sooner or later. They are a Sweden-based app, aimed at kids from age 2 through 7. And they do a great job at managing to be engaging and funny for small children, while also being quite wholesome. Characters in the Toca Boca universe are diverse and with a gender-neutral aesthetic, and they are also pretty adorable.

Toca Boca is not the app for getting your kids to learn how to read or count (there are plenty of those). However, it’s a fun and imaginative game, where kids can explore activities such as cutting hair, playing sports, or making music. Their recent Toca Kitchen Sushi has kids make sushi for restaurant clientele – and the result is both colorful and mouth-watering!

Originator Kids Mobile Games

If you want more conventionally educational games for your kids, check out the apps by Originator Kids. They are fun, interactive apps that will ease your child into learning crucial literacy and arithmetic skills. The Endless Alphabet app uses animated letters and vocals to teach your child how to piece them together, with a carousel of words they can learn. Once your child has mastered that, they can move on to Endless Reader, which is a bit more complex.

Step it up with Endless Numbers and Endless Spanish, and your child will be the brainiest kid in the First Grade. Then Endless Academy is an umbrella app with all the lessons bundled, so kids can see how learning certain skills can offset others.

LEGO Mobile Games for Kids

We all loved playing with LEGOs growing up. And studies have shown that exposing kids to puzzles and building blocks can help nurture both spatial and creative skills. LEGO has a legacy (LEGOcy??) of kid-friendly games, so any parent can feel safe exposing their kid to the digital version of the beloved toy.

In addition to teaching your kids crucial STEM skills, LEGO has pop culture on their side, with interactive mobile games set in the Star Wars, Marvel, and DC universes. For parents who want their kids to have less of a branded experience, check out LEGO Tower, LEGO City, or LEGO Creator Island where the more you build, the more of your environment you unlock. No superheroes or Disney princesses involved.

Parents of younger children may prefer the LEGO DUPLO games, where children can build houses and maneuver trains, or LEGO Junior, where kids can build their own vehicles and drive around a 3D environment.

Fox Tales Interactive Story App for Kids

This interactive story app is great for getting your early reader child excited about books and stories. This is an engaging middle ground between a book and game, where kids can see the story playing out as an adult reads them the words. Or, for more comfortable readers, they can read along themselves.

The story is about two foxes who set off on a fantastic journey. In addition to the straightforward story part of the app, there are also secret rooms and tokens to hunt for throughout. What’s more, there are no paid advertisements or micropayments involved in the app.

Fox Tales was created by indie developer team OhNoo Studio. Older children may also enjoy Amelia and Terror of the Night, a slightly spooky interactive adventure story with puzzles and games.


When it comes to fun, educational material for kids, you can’t beat PBS, which has been doing it for generations. Their apps are a great way to bring the TV shows your children love to an interactive medium. And those that aren’t outright educational have more empathetic, humanitarian lessons that your kids can learn.

For example, Molly of Denali teaches problem-solving skills, as well as appreciation for Native Alaska culture and language. As the eponymous Molly, your kids can learn about bead art, drum-playing, and conservationist values.

The Cat in the Hat Builds That teaches building and STEM skills. Wild Kratts Rescue Run teaches kids about different species of endangered animals, while they learn the importance of respect for the environment. Many of the apps are also available in Spanish. It’s a bonus for parents as well, who may enjoy seeing the characters they grew up with enjoying a new lease on life in the mobile arena.

Keeping Your Kids’ Data Safe

As a nonprofit organization with a child-friendly focus, PBS have a very detailed privacy policy to reassure parents. OhNoo Studio and Toca Boca are based in Poland and Sweden respectively. Thus, they would have to comply with the EU’s strict GDPR law. However, it’s always worthwhile doing your due diligence for any app you download, and how it will affect your children’s data.

With OpenBack’s mobile engagement platform, apps can send notifications to users while remaining compliant to COPPA as well as GDPR. Our default setting leaves all user data on their individual devices. This means security for their personal data, and regulation compliance for your app. Contact one of our experts to learn more about our mobile engagement platform.

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