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6 Fourth of July Hacks to Make Your Push Notifications Extra Festive

Hot dogs! Baseball! Fireworks! There is no day more quintessentially American than the Fourth of July, a day to drink lemonade, go to parades, fly the Stars and Stripes, and march down the street blasting John Philip Souza. Shoot a gun at the sun! Eat a hamburger! Go base-jumping off Mount Rushmore!

Of course, as a mobile app, you will want to let your users know that you’re celebrating right along with them. Why not try one of OpenBack’s festive tips for sending out push notifications that would have George Washington himself downloading your app with gusto?

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1. Don’t Overdo It

This is key to remember on all accounts when sending out push notifications. But on holidays, people especially like to switch off, relax, and spend time with their friends and family. They don’t want to be badgered with notifications from apps. So keep it to one or two, at most, and make sure they’re something that will be worth your user’s notice.

2. Send Fourth of July Promotions or Deals

Here’s one area where a gentle nudge will likely be appreciated by your users, especially if your eCommerce app is selling a product that’s in high demand on the Fourth of July. Perhaps your grocery store is running a special on hot dogs, hamburgers, and charcoal. Maybe your cafe is giving away free boxes of tea to dump in the harbor as an affront to England. Or maybe your water park is offering a 2-for-1 sale for people wanting to escape the summer heat.

Even better, offer your users a discount code on one of your products – maybe 20% off stars-and-stripes-themed swimming attire, or 30% off books from the American history section of your bookstore.

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3. Fourth of July-themed content

You don’t have to try to sell something to get your user to engage with your app on the Fourth of July. As holidays go, it’s a rich subject with plenty of potential for content. Send them some Independence Day-themed memes or videos that are trending on your social media app. Does your museum date back to the days of the American Revolution? Does your user live in a town associated with the Founding Fathers? Maybe your cooking school has a great recipe for potato salad that’s a must-have for any Fourth of July picnic? Let your user know!

If nothing else, a simple “Happy July 4th! Thank you for shopping/banking/etc. with us, and have a star-spangled day!” will not go amiss. Feel free to add emojis! 🦅🗽🎆🎇🌭

4. Offer hot vacation tips

While the Fourth of July is a public holiday in the United States, most families go on their summer vacations in August. This makes July 4th the perfect time to remind them that, if they haven’t booked their vacation yet they’d better get cracking. If you’re a travel app, show them cheap round-trip flights to cities that might interest them, or offer them a discount code if they book their flights by the end of the day. Send them a link to hotels that still have vacancies in the area.

Similarly, this is a great area to leverage user data to seek out festivals and cultural events that might pique their interest. Are they a music lover? August is full of great music festivals – Lollapalooza, Woodstock, Afropunk Fest, take your pick.

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5. Build excitement for your brand

Holidays are a time of giving, and what better way to give back to your customers than hosting a giveaway? This could involve a raffle of sorts – you could give away a basket of Fourth of July-themed food or drinks in exchange for users of your app following your brand on social media. You could offer users tickets to a draw in exchange for clicking on a deep link to enter your app and complete an activity. You could send rich content such as a video recipe for S’mores. Or a quick GIF showing users how to make a hard lemonade that packs a punch!

6. Keep it local

Localization is where push notifications excel. Everyone’s hometown has something unique going on for the Fourth of July, whether it be a parade, a festival, a Main Street block party, and so on. Make sure your user gets the maximum enjoyment out of their holiday.

If you’re a weather app, keep them updated on any weather warnings that might be in their area, including heat/humidity index and pollen count. Traffic apps, let your user know about any traffic snafus and alternate routes, if they’re going to be out driving.

If you’re interested in some other holiday tips for sending out push notifications, check out our post on 10 Ways to Send Notifications This Holiday Season.

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