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6 Fantastic Mobile Games To Keep Your Eyes Out For in 2019

We may be in the final third of 2019, but the mobile games community is still gearing up for the release of plenty of fab games. Inspired by our recent trip to Cologne for Gamescom, we thought we’d write up a list of our most highly anticipated games scheduled for release in the final third of 2019.

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1. Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart is such a staple addition to anyone’s mobile games collection that it’s hard to believe it’s not already out on smart devices. But the grand launch, set for September 25, of Mario Kart Tour seems like poetic justice: at last, you can play the psychedelically colored racing game while you’re on the go yourself.

Mario Kart Tour is a spinoff from the main branch of Mario Kart games, and will feature a mixture of racing, battling, and item collection. Another new touch is that braking and acceleration will be done automatically by the game, so users don’t have to learn a new set of gestures for controlling their vehicles. Gameplay looks like it will be faithful to the original. Plus, the app is free to download, which is always a plus.

2. Pokemon Masters

Just as the hype of Pokemon GO has begun to die away, the franchise returns with another approach to the mobile hunting of Japanese pocket monsters. Pokemon Masters lets trainers team up with Pokemon to become “sync pairs,” and then join forces with two other sync pairs. Your team will then battle other teams in real-time, using brand-new moves and collecting loot.

In-game shops and cafes will offer opportunities to spend money on more premium accessories and gear, if the free loot isn’t enough for you. As the game has not fully launched yet in most countries, we have yet to see if it will take hold like its augmented reality predecessor. But with the power of a good brand name behind it, it’s definitely going to make a splash.

3. Dead Cells

This critically acclaimed indie 2D action game is finally out for the iPhone. With its infamous tagline of “Kill. Die. Learn. Repeat” Dead Cells is an immersive dark fantasy game in which you play a headless reanimated corpse, exploring a castle and slaying monsters.

Every time you die, you’re sent back to the beginning. But as your skills increase you get farther and farther in the interactive environment, working your way through the story arc as you discover the mystery behind your existence.

Dead Cells is currently only out on iOS, but if you follow this link you can purchase the game with a 10% launch discount.

4. Call of Duty: Mobile

Like Pokemon and Mario Kart, Call of Duty has such as strong community and fan base behind it, that their upcoming mobile version is sure to make waves. The latest addition to the franchise will offer 3D gameplay featuring the most popular weapons, characters, and modes from its predecessors. Long-time fans will get to retrace old maps, such as Nuketown and Crash, and it will possibly include a Fortnight-esque Battle Royale mode.

Details about the game are scarce, but all signs are pointing to the mobile incarnation of the classic shooter packing a pretty epic, high-adrenaline punch. While there is not yet a set launch date, pre-registration is open on their website for both iOS and Android devices.

5. Impossible Bottles

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For those who love robots, gorgeous artwork, and rhythm gameplay, Impossible Bottles is the mobile game for you. The aim of the game is to help a scientist keep his robots in motion, each of which represents a different decade of electronic music. The idea is creative and surreal, and the overarching theme of a crisis driving environmentally friendly alternative energy sources (which is where the musical robots come in) hits very close to home.

The game comes in two modes – a story mode and an arcade mode – depending on which aspect of gameplay you’re most interested in. The game has not launched yet, but if you sign up to their newsletter the developers will keep you abreast. Impossible Bottles is sure to speak to the musical mad scientist in all of us.

6. Gris

In keeping with the theme of unique, beautifully illustrated indie mobile games, Gris follows its eponymous heroine on a journey through an imaginative world. Dealing with the themes of painful emotions and growth, Gris offers a rich curation of puzzles and skill-based challenges as the player gains access to more levels of the world. With detailed animation and a soothing original score, this game is worth playing for the atmosphere alone.

Gris was released last year to critical accolades, and it’s finally live for mobile devices. You can download Gris at the app store for $4.99.

Push Notifications for Optimizing Mobile Games

Each of these highly anticipated mobile games has its own strengths that will appeal to users, whether the franchise association of Pokemon Masters or the creative artistry of Gris. But getting users to play your game is only part of the challenge. The truly immersive mobile game  knows how to keep users engaged and participating in gameplay over the long term.

The most direct way of doing this is to invest in a comprehensive mobile engagement campaign. Using push notifications, you’ll be able to keep players involved in gameplay even when the app isn’t open. Send them discount codes or links to new loot to buy in the app store. Let them know when other players of your RPG are active and ready to either battle or team up with. Ignite their competitive spirit and send them deep links to levels in the game they haven’t unlocked yet.

For more ideas on how to use push notifications to optimize your mobile gaming app, check out our blog post.

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