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3 mins to read - 2019/07/08

App Promotion Summit, NYC Takeaways

Last week OpenBack had a great couple of days attending the App Promotion Summit (APS), where we got to speak to and connect with some of the most exciting movers and shakers of the mobile apps industry. There were some great opportunities for networking, and we came away with some helpful insights into where the industry is headed.

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App Promotion Summit: “Quick Wins To Take Your Push Notification Strategy to the Next Level” Workshop

Among other highlights, OpenBack CEO David Shackleton ran a workshop, “Quick Wins To Take Your Push Notification Strategy to the Next Level.” Topics he covered included a wide range of delivery reliability challenges, including the push notification marketing funnel and other metrics that drive engagement. He talked about the role edge computing plays in customer engagement, and how the key is to unlock control of the delivery moment. He then opened up the workshop to a discussion of best push notification practices from around the world.

David giving his workshop

Over the course of the App Promotion Summit, we spoke with representatives of dynamic, new mobile brands and shared ideas about the use cases of push notifications. It seems the demand for privacy regulation-compliant SDKs is high, and OpenBack is starting to make a name for itself as the SDK to look at when you need to take HIPAA and COPPA into consideration. This of course comes into play with health apps, but also with mobile gaming and gamification apps, a category of mobile apps that are adopting OpenBack at pace given the significant impact the OpenBack solution has on Day 7 Retention and more.

Engagement Panel Insights and Gaming Conference Tips

A few heavy-hitter apps we heard speak at one of App Promotion Summit’s engagement panels included Etsy, Duolingo, and Freshly. Their representatives talked about the necessity of doing the crunch work to predict when a user will churn or whether they have churned in the past. It’s key to keep track of the data around customer churn, for future reference of building a trigger around it. Liy Han from Duolingo mentioned some companies using an engagement score metric, in which clicking a push earns +1, and not clicking earns -1. This would be a valuable feature for qualifying the success rate of a notification campaign, and is certainly worth considering for future dashboard developments. Templates for doing in-app surveys and native app-store rating pop-ups are also a possibility for dashboard additions.

Meanwhile, Hen Cho from Etsy spoke about 7D, 30D, 60D, and 90D retention as being priority metrics to consider, as well as the necessity of A/B testing copy changes. Nicholas Beck from Freshly then gave some food for thought regarding contextual information as being key drivers in personalizing your notifications – which we’ve always been a big advocate of! – and segmenting users based on where they are in their life-cycle.

Plus, we got some great tips of gaming conferences to check out in the future:

  • Casual Connect
  • WhiteKnights
  • GDC
  • GamesCon Europe
  • PokerGame

All in all, it was a fantastic experience at App Promotion Summit in New York. We learned a lot about the mobile apps business and made some strong connections, and we can’t wait for the next event!

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