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3 mins to read - 2017/05/10

Automate Retention Notifications With Last Open Trigger

One of the questions we frequently get asked is “how often should marketers send a push notification?”. Since all apps communicate differently it’s hard to come up with a solid benchmark that covers most apps. A good way to answer this question is to consider the amount of time since last app open. If it’s been more than a few days, this may be a good indicator that you should send a call to action that encourages a user to re-open the app. For the best results, we suggest that you automate a retention notification 3 to 7 days after last open to keep users truly engaged.

OpenBack has made it easier for mobile marketers to schedule these notifications with a simple to use trigger automatically provided to all customers. Often, customers will try to trigger notifications based on a specific event in order to send a message in the right moment. OpenBack has developed a very simple solution to setup a campaign to trigger minutes, hours, or even days after a user closes your app.

Use the Last Open (Idle) trigger to define how long after last app usage you want your message to be delivered.

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The default option is 1 Day, but select the drop down and you’ll get full control targeting exactly how much time has passed. Choose from the list of options (we recommend a few days) after last app open, as seen in the image below:

No user data – custom values, triggers or data points are needed to create a campaign based on the last app open; all you need to do is select how long to wait after last app open. For new installs, the countdown will begin immediately after they download, meaning you now have the freedom to trigger targeted notifications depending on how long a user has had your app installed.

Make sure notifications are both timely and relevant for the biggest impact. It may make sense to schedule retention campaigns in advance to anticipate quick re-engagement opportunities before users lose interest or move on. Let users know about an upcoming promotion or update them with news that gives them a reason to click into your app. OpenBack’s Last Open (idle) trigger does just that, enabling marketers to properly time follow up messages that keep users coming back more frequently. Mobile marketers who utilize this tactic will continue to engage, retain and monetize more users than apps that don’t.


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