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Boost Mobile App Purchases With These Black Friday Push Notifications

It’s that time of year again! The days are getting shorter and colder. Halloween is over, and the holiday season is on the horizon. Once midnight strikes on Thanksgiving, that means it’s officially time for the end-of-year retail free-for-all. Black Friday is a holiday that lends itself particularly well to push notifications, and notifications sent on the infamous day after Thanksgiving get up to 2.6x the click-through rate (CTR) of regular notifications. We’ve all seen (and perhaps participated in) the Thursday-night camp-outs and midnight stampedes… But the end of November has become a little safer in recent years thanks to mobile retail and eCommerce apps. Stir up some excitement for your Black Friday sales with these festive notification ideas!

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black friday push notifications

Black Friday Push Notifications for Retail Apps

If you have a retail app, the use cases for push notifications speak for themselves, and you probably already have a tried and true Black Friday mobile marketing campaign in place. Try building up hype with a week-long notification campaign. This not only increases app users’ exposure to your brand in the days building up to Thanksgiving day, it allows them some time to stew over what purchases they may want to make.

Don’t overdo it too early, though. A safe rate is one push notification per day the week building up to Black Friday. And then ramp it up to two or three personalized suggestions for purchases, nudges about limited-time offers or discount codes, etc. on the weekend of Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Send real-time reminders of the midpoint in the sale, as well last-chance alerts.

And remember, notifications don’t have to be overtly salesy either! Never underestimate the role of free content in drumming up purchase conversions. If you have a food or drink app, spend the run-up to Thanksgiving sending users recipes for the perfect stuffing from scratch or pumpkin pie. Or you can always send tips for wine and dinner pairings.

Use emojis and rich media to create a multimedia experience for users. And leverage user data, such as previous purchases on your app, to guide them towards items on sale that are likely to pique their interest. If nothing else, be sure to create an air of urgency by reminding them that time is running out before the hectic holiday season. Use emotional language!

black friday push notifications
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Notifications for Travel Apps

Of course everyone associates Black Friday with making purchases. But the holidays are a time of traveling too, and Black Friday is the ideal time to remind someone they haven’t booked flights home for the holidays yet.

As opposed to retail apps, which will want to use more urgent language – words such as “last chance,” “fire sale,” “lowest prices ever,” “limited-time offer,” etc. – travel apps may find more success in pulling on the heartstrings. Remind users that their family and loved ones are waiting for them, and now is the best moment to buy flights home before the holiday rush.

Use geolocation tracking to show them best-offer tickets from their home airport. Show them your unbeatable car rental prices, or offer them a deal on hotel rooms. Invite them to upgrade their hotel room to a suite, or offer them a limited time opportunity to earn double the amount of travel points if they arrange their trip through your app over the Black Friday weekend. Remember, most people are going to make travel arrangements for the holiday anyway. Using push notifications are an excellent way to nudge them into booking their trip through your app.

Black Friday Notifications for Mobile Games

Black Friday weekend is a time for in-app purchases as well! Even if the utility of your app isn’t focused on retail or eCommerce, there’s always an opportunity to jump on the Black Friday bandwagon. Especially since most users will be receiving marketing from other areas, and will already be in the mindset for getting deals.

If you have a free-to-play game, join the frenzy with a sale on cosmetics for your user’s in-game avatar, or premium boosts to unlock time barriers blocking continuous gameplay. You can also launch some seasonal mini-games that reward players with discounts for the in-app store.

If your game is monetized by ads, the post-Thanksgiving weekend can be the ideal time to get your user back in your app for some quality gaming sessions. While you shouldn’t send push notifications on Thanksgiving itself, as users are likely to find them invasive and probably won’t click on them anyway, Black Friday through Cyber Monday are all fair game. Users are likely to be fatigued with too much time with their family, and may be looking for a quick break that your game can provide. Invite them to come back into the app and complete a level, or alert them that their friends are online and ready to duel them. Provide a deep link that takes them to the leaderboard to drum up a spirit of competition.

Black Friday Notifications for Streaming Apps

After a hectic holiday with their family, plenty of app users are going to be ready to binge-watch their favorite series or decompress with a true crime podcast. Black Friday is the opportune moment to invite them to upgrade their service to a higher tier, or offer them a bundle on their favorite premium podcasts. Is their favorite artist dropping a new album over the winter holidays? Let them know about it!

‘Tis the season of gift-buying as well… so why not send a push notification suggesting a 50% off the first 3 months of a new subscription? A streaming service makes an excellent digital stocking stuffer for friends or family, and you can entice app users to buy a subscription with a loved one by offering to bump them up to a VIP tier. By using OpenBack’s cross-app install feature, you can even suggest users install sister or partner apps – for example, if you run various different streaming services that may interest them.

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