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Boost User Engagement With These Push Notification Hacks

Let’s say you’ve developed a stellar app. You build a strong community base, and you want to keep them informed of breaking features and developments. You want to keep up a great rapport and boost user engagement through great content and personalized subject matter. OpenBack can help you target the right demographics of users for specific messages… but writing the notifications is another ballgame. Check out a few of our must-try push notification hacks to maximize the effect of your mobile marketing campaign!

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Push Notification Hacks To Boost User Engagement

Writing push notifications is a tricky business. If you overwhelm users with lackluster content, you run the risk of being ignored or, worse, deleted.

In fact, the notification screen has become mobile applications’ primary interface with customers. Mobile device users spend more time on their lock screen than on their home screen. It’s likely that your customer is going to swipe past most of your messages to them without even unlocking their phone, so it’s imperative that you grab their attention right off the bat.

Here are a few hacks and tricks that, combined with OpenBack’s hybrid machine-learning and device-side data-driven platform, will give your push notifications the boost they need!

Grab Your Users’ Attention

If you want your notifications to stand out from the crush, you’ll have to go that extra step to make them particularly snappy. This means addressing your user one-on-one, appealing to their emotions (both positive and negative), and – I cannot emphasize this enough – personalizing your content.

Addressing Your User

Nobody wants to feel like they’re just one receiver at the end of a big batch of push notifications. That’s why putting in little individual touches like addressing the user’s name – e.g. “Hey there, Peter,” instead of just, “Hello” – will increase engagement.

In addition to that, polite greetings and other social tags such as “Good morning,” “please,” “thanks,” “hi,” and so on go a long way. Remember, your customer is a person, and writing your communications to them as though you’re actually in the room together will get a more positive response.

Appealing to Emotions

It’s the golden rule of marketing: if you appeal to your customer’s emotions, they’re far more likely to engage. And this goes for both positive and negative emotions. Emotionally charged words that elicit happiness or excitement – think “adventure,” “dream,” “treat,” and so on – are your best friends.

Also, words that have frightening or threatening connotations also result in more engagement.  Basically, either extreme of the emotional spectrum is going to get you noticed enough for your customer to click through.

And as an added bonus, content that sparks an emotion in your customer is more likely to be remembered once they have read and disposed of your notification. Vivid, evocative language is the gift that keeps on giving.


With so many resources at our fingertips for personalizing content to tailor-fit users, there really is no excuse for sending out one-size-fits all notifications. Bland, inauthentic push notifications are for hacks — n this golden age of personal data, there are ample methods to get creative with the content you send out while remaining compliant to GDPR and other local data regulations.

Here are a few ideas of some device-side metrics you can use to customize what kind of content you send out to users:

  • Weather, traffic, or other local conditions
  • Nearby events, e.g., parades, sports matches, holidays, etc.
  • Purchase or browser history

Try combining a few of these metrics for maximum effect. For example, if your user has browsed iPhones and just so happens to be in the vicinity of a Best Buy, you could send him the following notification:

“Hi, Peter! Stop into your closest Best Buy to take advantage of their limited offer on the iPhone 12.”

And when in doubt, use emoticons to really make your content pop!

The more personalized your content is on a user-by-user basis, the better results you’ll get, with up to 4x more opens for smart push notifications.

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