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Spread Season Cheer With These Holiday Push Notifications

As the year comes to a close, spirits are high and mobile device users are busier than ever trying to get all their loose ends tied before the holidays. With their attention divided by so many other priorities, you may find your number of app opens falling. (This depends on what type of mobile app you have… eCommerce apps tend to do very well during the fourth quarter of the year.) To engage customers at this time of the year, it’s important to provide them content that is extra-useful or relevant. That being said, here are some heartwarming holiday push notification ideas that are bound to get even the Scroogiest of users excited for the season!

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Wish Your Users the Joy of the Season

This is an obvious one, but it never hurts just to send a simple, “Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!” notification. (Only do this once per year, obviously… any more and it gets annoying.) Say thank you for their loyalty to your app for another year. It costs nothing to spread some user appreciation love. And it will put your app at the top of their mind and give them a feeling of goodwill toward your brand, which is always a plus.

Send Holiday Promotions or Deals Through Push Notifications

It goes without saying that the retail season is at its most frenzied at this time of year. So if you have an eCommerce app – or any app that uses in-app purchases, such as mobile games – now is your chance to jump in on that action. The average US household spends over $1,500 per year on holiday gifts and decorations, so there is plenty of room for your app to compete. Get users to make purchases in time for the holidays by sending them discount codes or coupons by means of a deep link in a targeted push notification.

Personalize notifications by leveraging user data and gauging their preferences and current purchase priorities. For example, what items have they recently purchased? What websites have they visited recently? What songs and videos have they been streaming? All of these can provide clues for potential gifts they’re looking to buy, and if you provide them with a time-sensitive discount code, you might succeed in closing that purchase.

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Build Anticipation for Holiday Campaigns

If you have a holiday event, line of clothing, or what have you, get users excited with a push notification campaign in the weeks working up to it. Send rich media ads to inform them about when your event launches. Send teaser sneak peeks to users: show examples of what sort of clothing will be on sale, what guest speakers you have lined up, etc. Convince them that you’ll help them see of the year with a bang!

And of course once your sales event does begin, use push notifications to cut down your number of abandoned shopping carts.

Share Seasonal Content to Drive App Opens

Even if it’s not making you overt revenues, seasonal content can drive users back to your app, resulting in long-term engagement. Depending on what your app does, this can be a fun way to generate creative content and drive traffic. If you’re a streaming app, send users a short video montage of hilarious Christmas caroling mishaps. Or send a crossover episode where everyone’s favorite internet chef teams up with everyone’s favorite internet mixologist to make holiday-themed cocktails.

If you’re a cooking blog, send users a free recipe for your grandmother’s famous latkes. If you’re a mobile game, send an image or a quick flash video of your main cast of characters in holiday regalia. You get the picture… no matter what your app does, there should be some festive angle you can go with it.

Ask for Valuable App Feedback

December is the season of giving, and it’s also the time when people tend to reflect on everything that’s happened in the entire year. This makes the holidays the perfect to send a push notification asking for some quick user feedback. First, ask them if they are happy with their experience with your app. If they tick the box marked “Yes,” direct them to your app’s listing in the App Store or Google Play, where they can leave a starred review. If they select “No,” direct them to an internal portal, where they can give more detailed feedback on what went wrong, and how you can fix things for them.

Add a Call to Action

Every push notification, regardless of whether it’s holiday-themed, should come with a call to action. Ask a question, provide curated content, offer promotions or help. Make sure your language is short and snappy – 12 characters or less. “Read more” or “Shop now” and so on. These can be encapsulated in a button that will direct users to a page in your app.

‘Tis the Season for Giving

The holidays are a time for giving, and a push notification can be a great way to get users to associate your brand with a charitable cause. Whether you want to join forces with a charity – for example, organizing a clothing drive with your local soup kitchen – or whether you are donating a sum of money to one, you can communicate this with users through a notification.

You can even give users the opportunity to get involved as well, by linking them to an in-app donations page, or a way to register as a volunteer. Either way, you’re helping spread holiday spirit!

Happy holidays and a Joyous New Year to you and your families from all of us here at OpenBack!

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