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iOS 12: How notifications updates can improve things for your mobile users

Prior to Apple’s WWDC, consumers were buzzing about what new product would be showcased. It turns out that Apple has spent a lot of time working on updates around the upcoming release of iOS 12 later this year, and one of those is focused on features for notifications. This news comes as a surprise for very few as we’ve all known for a while now that consumers were desperately looking for improvements.

Some of the changes are meant to help limit the amount of time users spent staring at a screen, while others were added to clean up the notifications center or control Do Not Disturb (DND).

iOS 12 notifications will give consumers more control over their receiving preferences for notifications and will make it much easier for them to opt out completely. We thought to provide you with a quick rundown of the latest feature changes that you should be aware of going forward. It’s more important than ever before to deliver smart notifications which are personalized to each user and are delivered within the right moment for them.

Although iOS 12 is currently in beta, some of the changes have already been rolled out and can be used immediately.

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Grouped notifications

Notifications centers have always been a mess so with iOS 12, so users now have a much cleaner view with grouped notifications. Message threads and notification topics are grouped together, so it’s easier to see what’s important with just a glance at your iPhone or iPad. Users can click on a group to view all notifications and have control over clearing individual ones or clearing all.

Instant Tuning

Now users can control their notification settings the moment they receive an alert, without having to leave what they’re doing. By swiping left or right on the phone screen, they can take further actions like viewing all notifications and managing preferences from a specific app. iOS 12 will also provide them with proactive suggestions if you frequently ignore alerts from a specific app. This will ask if they would like notifications delivered quietly from now on, or would like them completely turned off.

Siri notification suggestions

iOS 12 will now ask users if they want to keep receiving alerts or manage your app’s notifications setting to limit the number of notifications they receive. Get Siri suggestions based on how they interact with your notifications, such as which app notifications to deliver prominently and which ones to send to Notification Center.

Do Not Disturb

In iOS 12, DND is much more powerful than ever before. In the Control Center, pressing the DND icon will bring up a list of options so users can now schedule times when their iPhone will be silenced. It can be set to expire in a few hours when they’re finished with work, or even when they leave a current location.

Bedtime Mode

Here is a new option that falls within DND. When enabled, users will only see a screen that says “calls and notifications will be silenced while their iPhone is locked.” The purpose of this is to prevent them from picking up the phone during bedtime hours every time they see the screen wake up and feel obligated to reply.

All of the features changed in iOS 12 are a good thing and here’s why. Notifications have always been over used by app marketers as a way to grab the user’s attention, when the marketer wanted it. Notifications lacked personalization, targeting and the ability to know when it was right for everyone. This has led notification campaigns to be over used in the wrong way, meaning users were bombarded with poor notifications that they had limited control over and ultimately were forced to opt-out completely.

With the release of iOS 12 and changes to notifications, it will give the users more control over their individual preferences for notifications and notifications from specific apps. Your customers will have more options to clean up their notification center, silence notifications are specific times or locations and proactively change settings.

We suggest developing a good notifications strategy and managing your campaigns within a solution that can track campaigns in real-time and will provide you with insights into what your customers like and dislike. Hopefully by doing so, you’ll start to see more success and less customers choosing to opt-out. At the end of the day, notifications are a really good thing if done properly.

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