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Top 15 Mobile App Marketing Blogs and Other Resources for 2021

Welcome to the new year! As we leave 2020 behind, now is the best time to get serious about your mobile app, and cash in on all the hard work you’ve done developing it. And this means getting down to it with a robust, multichannel marketing strategy. Whether you already have some marketing underway, or you are feeling your way through the dark, it never hurts to learn new tips and tricks from the experts. After all, mobile app marketing is a field that’s constantly in flux. To help you in your journey, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best mobile app marketing blogs in the field.

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mobile app marketing blog app masters
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1. App Masters

The name says it all. If you’re new to the app marketing arena, App Masters is a great first stop for a comprehensive look at where to begin. Not only do they have a podcast where app marketing experts pick apart everything you could possibly try – from ASO to influencer marketing. But they also have a free app marketing course you can sign up for as a taster. Here, you’ll be introduced to basic growth hacks for increasing app retention and boosting revenue

They also have an extensive archive of video content for visual learners, as well as more conventional blog posts for those who like to read. It’s the ideal resource for indie developers.

2. Apptamin

Or, as they’re called, the ASO Video Agency. Apptamin offers a high-quality video-designing service for mobile apps: video ads, mobile game trailers, and more.

Their blog is also video-themed, with a wealth of resources on how to market your app through visual platforms such as TikTok and Snapchat. And if you’re looking for expert advice on how to visually design your ads, and what social media platforms are the best for drumming up user engagement, the Apptamin blog is for you.

openback mobile app engagement marketing

3. OpenBack

Not to toot our own horn, but the OpenBack blog deserves a place on this list for many reasons. OpenBack are unique in the mobile app marketing industry in that we are the only user engagement platform that uses edge computing and device-side data to send app users bespoke push notifications that will most benefit them. As such, our blog is a smorgasbord of information of what’s going on in the mobile engagement industry, breaking data privacy news, and step-by-step information on how to best use push notifications to retain users and boost click-through rates.

4. App Samurai

Much like its name suggests, the App Samurai blog is always one step ahead. It offers resources for developers who want to learn about the cutting edge of the mobile app industry. Their articles include breakdowns on the best ways to promote cryptocurrency mobile apps, how to understand and work with rewarded ads, and the hottest new distribution channels for your app. If you want a place to  keep up on the newest, most innovative mobile app marketing trends of 2021, App Samurai’s blog is it.

mobile app marketing blog app yourself
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5. App Yourself

App Yourself is a platform that provides standard modules for building your app, as well as tools for marketing and promoting such as Messenger, CRM, and more. It’s a fantastic resource for indie developers, and they include accessible, step-by-step advice for apps in industries ranging from beauty to service to nonprofit. Their blog is extensive, and provides some key information on push notifications, data privacy laws in the EU versus US, and more.

6. Mobile Growth Stack

Mobile Growth Stack is a framework that helps mobile products grow their user base, created by Andy Carvell and Moritz Daan. Their blog features articles and insights from some of the top professionals in the industry. It covers all things growth hacking in the mobile sphere, anywhere from monetization to A/B testing your framework. They also have a wealth of other resources, including a podcast, so check it out!

mobile app marketing blog gummicube

7. Gummicube

As an App Store Optimization (ASO) solution, Gummicube provides a solution – as well as a treasure trove of white papers and other resources – on how to get your mobile app to rank highly in Google Play and the App Store. The Gummicube blog has a broader view that many of the above blogs, which are focused primarily on mobile engagement or marketing. Gummicube takes a look at Android and Apple devices as well, system updates, and wider industry news. They also do a deep dive into social media platforms with a strong mobile presence, such as Facebook.

8. App Promo

Like its name suggests, App Promo specializes in getting your app noticed. They offer clients a hands-on process of in-depth workshops, market and competitor analysis, roadmap development, and more working up to your app’s launch and promotion. Named one of Mobile App Daily’s top 50 app marketing agencies 3 years and counting, they really know their stuff. Stay up to date on industry news as well as ASO tips and other hacks for developing a stellar app by following their blog.

mobile app marketing blog App Institute
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9. App Institute

App Institute is an app builder for small businesses. The app is free to build, and their service offers a great, intuitive experience for the first-timer. Small businesses may have many different motivations for building an app. As such, App Institute’s blog offers plenty of insights and inspiration with regards to marketing, customer engagement, and social media across all industries. They also offer some more focused, practical information for content creation. This comes in the form of copywriting, use of emojis, and more.

10. Braze

A giant in the mobile engagement industry, Braze has not just a blog but a full-fledged magazine. Their specialty lies in inspiring empathetic marketing to create a human bond with customers, so if you want insights into the more psychological, soft-sell aspect of mobile marketing, their magazine is definitely worth a read.

mobile app marketing blog incipia
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11. Incipia

Incipia offers a comprehensive mobile-app marketing strategy and creative agency that provides creative, analytics, and engineering support. Their crowning tool is Xyla, a marketing intelligence platform. Many of their blog posts and other resources also cover marketing news, trends, and strategies. It covers mobile marketing, ASO, social media advertising, and much, much more.

12. App Agent

App Agent is another mobile app consultant that helps mobile apps to scale, improve user acquisition, and more. They help with marketing and data strategy, but also give support on the creative side of things. So if you want some in-depth, meaty how-to guides on scaling your user base, building your app framework, and marketing toward Gen Z with social media ads, and much more… give their blog a visit!

mobile app marketing blog
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13. Grow.Co

An absolute treasure trove of content for mobile marketers and app developers, Grow.Co offer a vast archive of articles on growth, CRM, and more. What’s more, they also have a content library containing videos of sessions from 3 years of MAU, their mobile apps and engagement-themed conference. Perfect for the audiovisual learner!

14. MobileDevMemo

While most of the other entries on this list are associated with a service, product, or event, MobileDevMemo is unique in that their content is the product. In addition to original content dealing with the world of mobile apps and games, they also post links to useful forum discussions, posts, or other articles from authoritative sources. And if that’s not enough, you can also subscribe to their newsletter, Slack channel, and podcast. You can even download their free ebook on freemium strategies.

15. Mobile App Daily

Can’t get enough of mobile apps? Mobile App Daily is another online publication that centers entirely on mobile apps and the people who make them. With this sort of focus, they have a truly impressive archive of content. Their articles range from featured reports and reviews of top apps to interviews of the movers and shakers of the app world. This is the place to go for your daily industry news, as well as for inspiration if you’re looking for, say, an exercise app with good UX, or if you want a break-down of mobile app design. Either way, there’s enough material for you to disappear down the rabbit hole for a good while!


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