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2 mins to read - 2016/07/25

Push Notifications are Dead, Long Live Dynamic Push Notifications

Smart Push Notification

OpenBack first coined the term “Smart Push Notifications” in 2015, as a way to simply describe the difference from a user perspective between a push notification at the wrong moment and at the perfect moment. The right moment is when the notification provides value to the user, the right moment is when benefit is received by the user, and all at a time, place and more generally context that makes sense for the user. The wrong moment is the opposite, it’s when it makes no sense, adds no value, damages brands experiences and neither creates nor delivers any value to the user.

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Right Moment

The right moment can be increasingly defined and realized in an automated way through the user of data, perhaps big, but often mostly local and user specific data.  We think about such data falling into two high level groups – user data and device data.

  • User data is anything the user has done in the past, how the user behaved in relation to the app or business, what they have indirectly told the business and/or app that can be used to improve their future experience.
  • Device data is data and information relating more to the device as an extension of the user – what that device can tell us irrespective of user explicit behavior relating to the business.

Both groups of data must be leveraged and used together, for the requested benefit of the user; if an app is to provide the best user experiences.  Delivering notifications by using all of this data to the best of an app, or more generally a business’s, ability and then reporting and leveraging any available data and information the next time for that user, or all users, is what we think about when we talk about Smart Push Notifications.

Smart Push is Important

Mobile notifications have become the centre of the mobile ecosystem and the primary interface on mobile – they must become far smarter if a user is to continue to accept and allow notifications from a mobile app they have allowed onto their phone. Users will only allow these powerful notifications into the centre of their mobile lives if those notifications are smart and add real value, every time.


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