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Boost Revenue for Retail and eCommerce Apps With Push Notifications

It’s no exaggeration to say that mobile devices have revolutionized the eCommerce and retail industries. According to Business Insider, by the end of 2020 mobile commerce (or mCommerce, as it’s starting to be known) will be worth $284 billion in the US alone. This is a staggering 45% of the eCommerce market. Clearly, this is an incredibly robust market, and has only become more so in the past year. COVID-19 lockdowns have had unforeseen impacts on the mobile industry, and for many of us mobile retail has been our primary way of making purchases since the beginning of 2020. But this spike is no substitute for a long-term mobile marketing plan. If you run a retail or eCommerce business that has a mobile platform, it’s crucial to ensure you are reaching out to your customers with a steady, personalized push notification campaign.

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Using eCommerce Push Notifications to Confirm Purchases

The ease and convenience of mobile retail can’t be beat. However, many users might miss the brick-and-mortar assurance and gratification of having the item in their possession immediately after purchase.  Push notifications are the purchase vehicle to let your customer know immediately their purchase has gone through. They provide a quick alert from the mobile app to inform them that their order is being processed. Then, once they have received the information, they can swipe the notification away so it doesn’t take up space in their email inbox or SD card.

Plus, this offers the opportunity to get creative and have a little fun with your messaging. If you make your customer smile, it will reinforce the positive emotions connected with mobile shopping, and with your app. For example, take the classic order confirmation below:

ecommerce push notification star wars

Using eCommerce Push Notifications to Inspire Purchases

Push notifications are some of the most effective marketing tools there are. This is because they a) can be personalized to users’ exact interests, and b) they deliver directly to the user’s mobile device.

It goes without saying that our mobile phones are for most people our primary interfaces with the world. (This explains the consistent yearly growth in mobile ecommerce sales, as seen in the image above.) And a push notification platform is able to access all of the user’s personal data, left on their phone by their behaviors and actions online. So every purchase made, social media post, “like”, and “swipe” are tools to inform the content, context, and timing of the notifications you send to a particular customer. And, as with all things, there’s a right way and a wrong way to handle this.

For example, let’s say a user purchases a fondue set using your retail app. A misguided mobile marketer would take this piece of information as a go-ahead to spam the customer with push notifications trying to get them to buy more fondue sets. The customer will then possibly become annoyed and switch off notifications, or even delete your app. The savvy mobile marketer will understand that every customer has a finite need for fondue sets. Instead, they will get creative, and send notifications inviting the user to buy vintage fondue forks, fondue cookbooks, even subscriptions to a monthly cheese club.

The idea is to use notifications to suggest complementary, rather than superfluous, purchases.

fondue is rad, as are ecommerce push notifications

Using Geolocation Data to Make a Sell

Along the same line of thinking, a customer’s geolocation data can provide invaluable insights on products they might night. Think in terms of weather, time of year, local events and more.

For example, if a customer’s weather forecast is predicting heavy rain for the following week, the following push notification might spark interest:

“We see you’ve got stormy weather in the days ahead! 🌧️ Get prepared and check out our new range of umbrellas ☔”

eCommerce Push Notifications to Retain Customers

Push notifications are a must-have when it comes to customer retention and beating churn. If you notice a customer starting to fade out of using your app, try to entice them back with something new. New products, new lines, new vendors – anything to pique their curiosity and get them to open the app.

If you have nothing new to offer, send a personalized “Hey, did you know…” notification to educate them on something you have that you know they’ll love. In many cases, customers churn simply because they aren’t aware of the full range of services and products that a platform offers.

Otherwise, they may be churning because they’re dissatisfied with something. Perhaps your app offers a poor UX, or they ran into problems with shipping. To get to the bottom of their problem, send a push notification asking them for feedback, such as:

“Hi there, we haven’t seen you in a while. We’d love to know why.”

And then offer them a deep link to direct them to a page in your app where they can submit feedback through the appropriate channels.

If all else fails, what user can resist a discount? Offer them a limited-time discount code for products you think they might sway them. But don’t use this tactic unless it’s absolutely necessary. There’s no point in slashing prices for a customer whom you could possibly woo back through other measures.

When it comes to push notifications, OpenBack provides a hybrid platform that offers you the most precise personalization and best data security on the market. Through our use of edge computing and device-side data, we let you deliver notifications in true real-time. And our 40+ data signals offer the most in-depth insights of your customers’ daily behaviors and buying habits.

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