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Send Your Users Some Love With Valentine’s Day Push Notifications

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s important to start planning out a festive push notification campaign. (If you haven’t already.) V-Day is a great day for reaching out and having some fun with mobile engagement. As the international day of love, friendship, romance, and togetherness, it can be a good opportunity to remind your users of their relationship with your app. Everyone’s already feeling blissed out with chocolate and oxytocin, so take a chance. Be creative, and spread the love with some personalized Valentine’s Day push notifications!

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Send Valentine’s Day Greetings

This is an area where you should tread carefully. After all, for every user who loves Valentine’s Day, there may be five callous, embittered users who hate it and everything it stands for. But love it or hate it, this is an opening for a conversation. You could play it safe with a generic “Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loved ones!” followed by a digital equivalent to a candy heart. Or you could get a bit more involved by directing different messages to different segments of users according to age, interests, and relationship status.

Bonus: Get in on the Galentine’s Day fun! Originating in the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation, Galentine’s Day (February 13) has become a much-loved holiday among women looking to celebrate female friendships independent of their romantic ties. This is not to be confused with February 15, largely agreed to be “Singles Awareness Day.”

Send Valentine’s Day Video Push Notifications

If there’s one form of media that’s on trend when it comes to mobile marketing, it’s video. A short clip in the spirit of 10 ways to get over an ex or Terry Crews performing cheesy pickup lines video is a fun and easy way to get users’ attention. Are you a streaming app? Send users a supercut of scenes from romantic comedies that are available with your service. If your app provides a blog or other readable content, send a short video of DIY projects or recipes users can do at home for Valentine’s Day. Even if a video doesn’t have any direct relation to your app or the product you sell, it’s a good way to get users into your app.

Valentine’s Day Push Notifications for eCommerce Apps

The cynic would say that Valentine’s Day was created by corporate America to commodify love and sell chocolate and greeting cards to gullible romantics. (In fact, Saint Valentine was a Christian martyr who married couples in secret during the 3rd century AD. He is the patron saint of lovers, epileptics, and beekeepers.)

Either way, Valentine’s Day is where eCommerce apps really get to shine. No matter what niche of product your app specializes in, there is a way to market it to the love and friendship theme of the day. Offer a limited time discount on champagne, chocolates, heart-shaped balloons, and so on. Plus, any product (donuts, lipstick, etc.) can be pushed as “festive” if it is pink and/or heart-shaped.

For users who are single or perhaps in the “it’s complicated” phase of a relationship, send them a push notification advertising a “Valentine’s Day Survival Kit”: a gallon tub of ice cream, comfy onesie pajamas, a single bath bomb, and a novelty voodoo doll. Even if your app isn’t in the business of eCommerce, you can still get in on the festive spirit. Last year, Tinder offered their users a chance to lean into singledom by offering a scented candle. (Note: many users accused Tinder, a dating app, of sending out mixed messages.)

Offer Valentine’s Day Events or Trips

Again, this is an area that a wide range of apps can get in on. However, it tailors itself well for travel apps. Offer seasonal sales on tickets to destinations known for romance, like Paris or Venice.

RyanAir knocked it out of the park with their #EscapeTheNonsense campaign.

More local apps can tempt users with intimate events or cultural evenings. For example, a booking app can offer a discount on couples’ getaways, like a few nights at a cozy bed and breakfast in the countryside. A venue can advertise a speed-dating evening, or a romcom movie marathon. A chocolate factory can offer special Valentine’s Day tours. Restaurants can offer couples-geared set menus, drinks specials, or even cookery courses.

Get Your Users Involved!

Engagement is a two-way street. The most creative, personalized marketing campaign means nothing if you aren’t getting some love back. There are plenty of fun ways to pique interest this Valentine’s Day.

Take inspiration from The Body Shop, who got their Instagram followers to participate in their #SendAKiss contest. Followers posted photos where they were blowing kisses to their friends, using the hashtag #SendAKiss. The winner then received a prize of a new line of lip balm.

If you don’t have the marketing budget for giving away free swag, an easy (and free!) way to engage users is request their stories. Do they have a love story they want to submit to your app? If you’re a dating or social media app whose product is human connection, ask for stories about special people they met using your mobile app. Ask for their worst breakup stories. Ask about terrible exes. Then use this feedback to create new content that will spark user engagement on the following Valentine’s Day.

Share the Love…

Valentine’s Day is a holiday where mobile marketers can have a lot of fun getting creative. However, it can also be a touchy subject for many people. Now more than ever it’s crucial to hyper-personalize your push notifications according to the schedules, interests, and other demographics of your users. You wouldn’t want to interrupt a user’s romantic evening with a long-term partner to notify them of hot singles in their area. Nor would you want to offer 15% off a bottle of champagne and advise a user to “get cozy and snuggle up with that special someone” when they’re going through a difficult breakup.

Luckily, OpenBack can help you avoid these awkward push notification faux pas. Our use of edge computing and machine learning will provide you the tools your app needs to securely leverage user data and pinpoint the exact moment to sent push notifications custom-made for the individual.

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