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The 6 Best Mobile Apps for Running your Business Efficiently

Remote business management is becoming increasingly popular. Thanks to mobile apps, the days of running your business from a desk are becoming a thing of the past. Companies are developing apps in droves to help business owners like you run their business efficiently from their mobile devices. 

Here, we’re going to share what we consider to be the top apps for business efficiency. They’re intuitive, easy to download, and universally used across most industries.

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App #1 – Microsoft Office

Where would we be without our trusty Microsoft Office? 

In addition to Windows 10, the Microsoft Office mobile app is available for both Android and iOS operating systems. It offers your business all the features of your regular Office package, plus some handy on-the-go extras. So, you really can take your business dealings mobile. 

Its features include:

  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • OneNote
  • Excel
  • Skype + Skype for Business 
  • Yammer
  • Outlook
  • OneDrive

Need I say more?

App #2 – Microsoft Azure

Microsoft comes out on top again with its cloud-based VPS hosting option. Microsoft Azure gives you 12 months free VPS hosting, which is one of several cloud-based VPS hosting options out there that you can try for free. 

The Microsoft Azure app gives you plenty of file storage space to meet the demands of your business, and at the very low cost of “nothing” for the first year, we think it’s well worth giving it a try. 

As the mobile app is cloud-based, your business can store and share files from anywhere with an internet connection. If you have offices in multiple locations, you can transfer files between locations and employees easily. 

App #3 – LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is a social media platform designed for businesses. It enables you to make connections, keep up-to-date with the latest news in your niche, and establish your business as an authority in your area of expertise. 

The main aim of LinkedIn is networking. That doesn’t mean simply finding others to purchase your services, though. It means establishing long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships. You may even find services that will benefit your business too!

Use the LinkedIn app to connect with other businesses on-the-go, post updates, and write articles to maximize your business efficiency and productivity. 

App #4 – Google Drive, Sheets, and Docs

Google Drive is another cloud-based app that makes file creation and sharing easy. Google Drive allows you to share access to documents you create such as text documents and spreadsheets. 

Its services can be separated into 3 categories:

  • Docs – Text documents
  • Sheets – Spreadsheets
  • Drive – Where it’s all stored

Google Drive, Sheets, and Docs contain lots of features that you can access on your mobile device, as well as your laptop or desktop. It also facilitates the function of sharing documents easily with your team, allowing for simultaneous editing. You simply send a link to the people you would like to allow access to the drive itself or to a specific document. 

Set your document to enable others to change it, add comments, or even set it to “read-only” if you don’t want any alterations. 

App #5 – Slack

Slack was launched in 2013 as a platform for people to communicate with each other. It helps with internal communication, providing an easily accessible record of team communications while keeping individual email inboxes free from work-related clutter. 

Individuals can be invited to join a Slack team, and conversations can be separated into “Channels,” so all your different conversations don’t get mixed up with each other. 

Slack can be used in conjunction with other apps such as Google Drive and Dropbox. You are able to perform video calls, instant messaging within a group (channel), and private messaging between two or more people. 

Slack is now incredibly popular, with some big names collaborating through it like Trivago, Shopify, and even 21st Century Fox!

App #6 – WhatsApp Business API

The last of our mobile apps, but certainly not the least, is WhatsApp Business API. We’ve all heard of WhatsApp by now. WhatsApp is a mobile app owned and run by Facebook. There’s also a business version of the social media platform available for businesses to utilize. The app lets users call and “text” other WhatsApp users for free using an internet connection, instead of regular phone credit. Their messages then appear on the user’s individual devices in the format of push notifications.

WhatsApp lets you create groups and collaborate with others in your group. You can send files like images, documents, and videos. 

WhatsApp can also be used to communicate with customers as well as co-workers. You can create a business profile and send customers notifications to keep them up-to-date with what you have to offer. 

The app is free to use and allows you to automate messages to respond appropriately when you get a business query. 

Which Mobile Apps Will You Use For Your Business?

There you have our top 6 mobile apps to help keep your business running efficiently, even when you’re on the go. We’ve covered everything here, from document creation and sharing, to maintaining communication with your team and your customers. We’ve even included a networking app so you can build your business relationships from anywhere in the world. 

Mobile apps are a key development in the digital world that allow users to engage with a company virtually around the clock. This has resulted in more involved user-company relationships, and push notifications have allowed for real-time communication. These 6 are just the basic must-haves for any business wanting to stay on the cutting edge, but there’s no doubt that as the mobile industry evolves, so will the business world.

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