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The iOS Top 10 List of Best Mobile Games of 2020

2020 has been unprecedented, and industry experts all agree it’s been a watershed year for mobile games. Mobile games have gone from something of a fringe medium to a household form of recreation. Number of mobile games downloads jumped by 30% in Q1 2020, and mobile games are projected to be a driving force in the games industry in 2021 and onward. Now, as the year comes to a close, we take a look at the games that entertained us and kept us sane through coronavirus lockdowns. Here are the App Store’s best F2P mobile games of 2020.

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Starting off the Best Mobile Games of 2020 with Apple’s #1 Best of the Year…

genshin impact ios best mobile games of 2020

1. Genshin Impact

Named iPhone game of the year, Genshin Impact is a must-play for fans of anime-style fantasy role-playing games (RPGs). It has lived up to the hype and the controversy, and holds its own as a lush, immersive game. The game starts out with the player on a quest to find their lost sibling. They journey throughout an expansive world, filled with whimsical characters, epic battles, and stunning animation. Yes, visually it’s very similar to Zelda: Breath of the Wild. No, you shouldn’t let that put you off playing it.

Download Genshin Impact from the App Store here.

among us ios best mobile games 2020

2. Among Us!

Released in June 2018, Among Us! has seen a phenomenal spike in recent months. Perhaps it’s owing to gamers having pandemic fatigue, and the fact that Among Us! is colorful, relaxing, and can be played with friends. If you’ve ever played the party game “Werewolf,” this is the mobile (or PC) version. You’re part of a crew on a spaceship, trying to find the Imposter who’s killing off crew members so you can blast them out of the airlock. It’s easy and engaging, and there are tasks to perform for players who get killed off, so nobody gets excluded.

Download Among Us! from the App Store here.

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3. Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile was released in October 2019, the first time the beloved first-person shooter ventured into the  mobile arena. It included a variety of high-octane gameplay, where players can engage in 5v5 team combat, or they can play on their own battle royale mode. Players could also complete missions across the gritty dystopia world, exploring the maps of Crash, Killhouse, and Nuketown. High-quality graphics optimized for mobile devices meant this newest iteration of the CoD franchise lived up to its legacy.

Download Call of Duty: Mobile from the App Store here.

subway surfers ios best mobile games of 2020

4. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is a lighthearted, colorful endless runner game. The player guides their avatar along subway tracks in a speedy race to collect coins. You jump, swerve, and evade obstacles. You can turbo-charge your gameplay with in-app purchases such as sneakers and hoverboards that let you collect more coins. However, the game monetization comes mainly from ads, so it’s possible to enjoy the game without spending money.

Download Subway Surfers from the App Store here.

Ink Inc. ios best mobile game of 2020

5. Ink Inc. – Tattoo Drawing

It’s like an in-app coloring book with an edge. Players can draw colorful tattoos on customers who come into their tattoo parlor. Vibration effects and soothing music make for an enjoyable, escapist experience – fun for artists and for the more stick-figure inclined.

Download Ink Inc. – Tattoo Drawing from the App Store here.

magic tiles 3 ios best mobile games of 2020

6. Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game

Magic Tiles is essentially Guitar Hero, but for piano. Players tap black tiles and avoid white ones, while challenging themselves to keep up with music. It’s both colorful and engaging, with music across all genres and eras. As players level up, the difficulty and speed increases. Plus, you can get involved in tournaments and play in “band mode” accompanied by other instruments.

Download Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game from the App Store here.

brain test: tricky puzzles ios best mobile games of 2020

7. Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles

The best-loved mobile games of 2020 saw a rise in wellness and learning-themed apps, as well as a spike in brain-training mobile games. Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles provides riddles, puzzles, and other brain-teasers to keep your grey matter nimble. No matter what your type of intelligence is, Brain Test offers gameified quizzes and brain teasers to slowly build up your mental stamina. It can be played off the internet, with downloadable extras. Clearly, millions have gotten value from it during these times of COVID-induced mental fog!

Download Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles from the App Store here.

8. Brain Out

Brain Out is another puzzle gaming app, full of IQ tests, visual riddles, and similarly addictive brainteasers. It’s great for players of the age 12+, and like Brain Test it can encourage a circular thought process and thinking outside the box. Also like Brain Test, it includes in-app purchases.

Download Brain Out from the App Store here.

coin master ios best mobile games of 2020

9. Coin Master

This game has it all: Vikings, cartoon pigs, coins and other randomized loot to collect. While the game was released in 2010, it rereleased its trailer recently and has gone viral on social media. The gaming mechanics are the player spins a wheel to win various weapons and shields, with which they can go back in time and invade other lands. While it may not be suitable for younger children, due to its addictive slot machine mechanics, older players may enjoy it due to its colorful, multivarious setting. Plus, you can invite your friends on social media and go out on raids together.

Download Coin Master from the App Store here.

Cube Surfer

Cube Surfer is one of the best hyper-casual mobile games on the 2020 market. It has a simple, addictive game mechanic. Your avatar shoots around a track, avoiding obstacles on an ever-taller tower of cubes. It’s a game that tests your reflexes and reaction time, while changing up the core loop enough to keep it entertaining. You earn diamonds and can unlock different skins for your cubes. While some players have complained of the frequency of in-app ads, no one seems to have been put off by them enough to stop playing the game.

Download Cube Surfer! from the App Store here.


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