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Top 6 Mobile Games to Watch Out For in June 2020

Mobile games have seen an enormous surge of installations since the start of 2020. Much of this is owing to the global lockdowns put in place in various countries. As countries start to open up again, device users are still turning to their phones to provide entertainment and socializing in an uncertain time. Here are the industry top mobile games for June 2020. Some of them we’re playing at the moment, plus a few upcoming that you can get excited about!

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1. Oceanhorn

For lovers of fantasy games, Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas, from Finnish developing studio Cornfox, will not disappoint. And although it is an older game (it has been available on Android since 2016), it is a timeless action-adventure game, a tribute in style and storytelling to the Legend of Zelda franchise. Its lush animation, soothing music, and expansive world to be explored makes it the perfect game to cure quarantine doldrums for those who are self-isolating under COVID-19 restrictions.

The concept of the game is simple: you, a young warrior, go on a quest across an archipelago world to find your father and defeat the legendary sea monster Oceanhorn. You set off in your boat, chat with islanders, solve puzzles, and fight monsters. It is pure joy in an app, and is available on both Apple and Android phones. A sequel, Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm, is currently available on Apple Arcade.

2. Genshin Impact

Speaking of Zelda tribute games, the RPG Genshin Impact, by Chinese studio Mihoyo, has been likened by many to an anime Breath of the Wild. It’s a sprawling, epic fantasy set in the world of Teyvat, where the player starts out as a Traveler on a quest to find their lost sibling. With stunning animation and an involved narrative, it’s like a cross between Zelda and a Hiyao Miyazaki film. It has already undergone some controversy, with an attendee of the Chinajoy 2019 gaming convention smashing his PlayStation in protest at how similar it is to Breath of the Wild.

There is clearly a strong influence. But don’t be deterred – if you are a fan of expansive gameplay and epic battle RPGs, Genshin Impact is worth keeping an eye on. The beta testing phase is nearing its finish, and the game is scheduled to be released on Android, iOS, and PC in 2020.

3. Call of Duty: Mobile

A classic free-to-play first-person shooter (FPS), Call of Duty by TiMi Studios released its mobile app in October 2019. While the main gameplay focuses on 5v5 multiplayer team combat, players can also engage in a 100-person battle royale mode. The player has access to various maps across the world, including Crash, Killhouse, and Nuketown, and can join forces with other players to complete missions.

Even in mobile format, the high-frame graphics are sharp and engaging. Players face off against AI opponents to begin with, eventually working their way up to battling other players. And it has retained some of the modes from the console game, such as team deathmatch and the Gun Game. However, the 5v5 matches seem to be optimized for mobile. Andrew Hayward of Polygon points out that the “tighter kill and point tallies” make the sessions shorter. And gamers can play for free without ads or interruptions, aside from upgrade notifications to buy the in-game premium currency.

4. Rest in Pieces

For a mobile game that is both spooky and oddly meditative, download Rest in Pieces by Itatake. An eerie take on endless runner games, the gist of Rest in Pieces has you maneuvering a swinging pendulum made of porcelain. Avoid getting smashed against the traps laid out for you by evil clowns, Dracula, and other monsters drawn straight from the nightmares of the characters you’re trying to save.

It’s a simple swinging mechanic that’s easy to master, but the obstacles are constantly changing. And the artwork is genuinely unsettling, with a few jump-scares along the way. As a free-to-play game, players can watch in-app ads to earn more lives. Or they can purchase infinite lives through an in-app purchase for $1. With five levels and three characters per level to rescue, the $1 IAP is highly worth it for all the gameplay you’ll get out of it. Rest in Pieces is available for both iPhone and Android.

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5. Words With Friends

We added this one because it’s one of the most popular word games in the App Store, and it’s also a great way to stay social and give your vocabulary a boost. Words With Friends is a multiplayer word game, developed by Zynga. Players can challenge friends from their social media accounts to a linguistic match, or they can square off against random opponents.

While the aim of the game – to construct words out of tiles and earn points – is similar to Scrabble, bonus letter and word score tiles are somewhat different. This raises the stakes, as players can get multiple bonuses for clever wordplay.

As an F2P game, Words With Friends offers in-app purchases of the game currency, which can go as low as 99 cents to $99 for an entire vault. It’s not a very complex premise, but players have enjoyed the in-app chat functions and coin purchases.

6. Dauntless

Another mobile release to look out for, Dauntless by Phoenix Labs is already available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. It is an RPG co-op F2P game, where the player’s customizable avatar roams the world. It’s possible to play in solo mode, or team up with 3 other slayers to hunt down monsters. In-app purchases include different cosmetics and emotes, as well as a battle pass system similar to Fortnite.

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