Last update: May 2021

1 mins to read - 2017/07/28

What is a Smart Push Notification?

Smart Push Notifications are becoming the new standard for mobile notifications (app to user messaging), giving apps more control over how they increase customer engagement and retention rate while keeping users happy and maintain their audience.

Smart Push Notifications are a hybrid form of mobile push notifications; combining both push and local notification technology into one message type. They allow you to create notifications that use real-time device data points and machine learning as triggers to optimize the delivery of messages to each user. Each notification gives the marketer maximum control over delivery (before and after), while considering the message rate limits and display settings to improve the user experience. Smart Push Notifications are completely customizable and can be sent in the form of a standard notification, or include pre-cached rich media like images, videos and HTML content.

Mobile apps are now seeing click through rates above 50% for marketing campaigns using smart push notifications through optimal delivery by combining your knowledge of users, with real-time contextual data points. Smart Notifications are here to improve interactions with your mobile app and drive more customers through the funnel, resulting in higher engagement and retention rates.

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