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OpenBack Push Notifications: A Unique Approach to Mobile Engagement

In a digital society supersaturated with content, consumers are savvier than ever about what they spend their attention on. Ignoring push notifications has become second nature to anyone with a smartphone. Even the small fraction of ads that make it through a user’s attention firewall have a split-second to spark interest. With such a narrow window to get users to engage with push notifications, it’s crucial for mobile apps to identify challenges and do what they can to maximize user retention. OpenBack addresses the three main challenges to user engagement, using machine learning and edge computing, to provide a highly personalized, real-time push notification experience for your user.

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Challenge #1: Moment Versus Timing

Timing of push notifications is a key pain point, with apps often sending notification blasts without taking into consideration that users may have time zone and scheduling constrictions. Push notifications might be delivered only to fall to the bottom of a long chain of spam messages. Or they might not even go through at all.

And if a notification reaches its target at an inopportune time – for example, a user who is woken up by a ping on their phone at 3:00 am, or receives a notification while stuck in 5:00 pm rush hour, is not going to engage. And chances are they’ll be annoyed about it too. Ideally, an app should real-time data to gauge when is appropriate, and send out their push notifications at the moment of maximum convenience to the user, not the app.

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Challenge #2: Personalization

When done right, marketing provides value to both customer and client. If someone receives a notification tailored to their needs and interests, they can save money on something they were planning to buy – for example, if someone buys a tent on Amazon, they might appreciate being shown ads for hiking boots, or outdoor cooking sets. Similarly they might appreciate learning about a service or experience they wouldn’t have known to look for otherwise. Say, a six-week survivalist course, or a flight sale to a popular backpacker’s destination.

But personalization is a delicate balancing game. If done badly, users will feel harassed and may pull back from further engagement. (For example, if a user buys a tent online, and is then spammed with ads for identical tents.) They may turn off notifications, or even delete your app. When done right, push notifications should put the user first. Notifications should use personal data to tailor an experience that drives engagement and motivates click-through.

Challenge #3: Quality

It is often said that we’re living in the golden age of television. With well-written, engaging Netflix series monopolizing our attention – at the moment, there are more Emmy-worth series at our fingertips than we could watch in a lifetime – competing for user interaction seems like a daunting task.

This is where going that extra step to provide well-written, feature-rich content really pays off. Is your video entertaining? Is it contextually relevant to the user’s needs? Does the text use emojis effectively? Does it pique their interest enough for them to watch through to the end? With standard notifications garnering a disappointing 4% click-through rate among users, apps need to take every advantage they can get to distinguish themselves from the crush.

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OpenBack Push Notifications: A Unique Solution

Every app utilizing push notifications is going to have to address these issues in some way or another. And there are a few solutions out there to choose from. OpenBack provides the best push notification campaign, custom-made for each device user based on their device-side data.

OpenBack drives mobile engagement campaigns for 400+, working with major brands such as DreamWorks and Ultimate Rugby. We also provide a multi-language platform for you to launch your smart push notifications. With our edge computing-driven platform, your notifications have a significantly higher deliverability rate than the industry standard. You can be confident that your messages will reach your users in absolute real-time, thus boosting clickthrough rate (CTR) 4x.

With our patented technology, your app retains full control of notification delivery rather than a cloud server sending random notifications blasts. Our SDK is easy to integrate and use. Plus, you’ll be able to measure and manage your push notifications even after delivery. Our A/B Testing and metrics analysis functionalities provide you the tools to keep your communications relevant and effective.

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OpenBack Offers Feature-Rich Dynamic Push Notifications in Real-Time

With OpenBack, you’re guaranteed to hit your mark thanks to attention-grabbing tactics including interactive button notifications, rich media, and alert sounds. We offer native, fully customisable in-app messages with fast-loading video and images. Our platform supports data streaming as well as advanced deep links, while taking up less battery power device-side.

But where OpenBack really shines is in our intricate use of device-side signals. We have 40+ of them to help you inform you push campaign. For example, different signals can alert you of the opportune moment to send video content: when a user has their screen unlocked and their headphones in. Our different data signals go above and beyond the industry standard. Plus, our machine learning can estimate based on time zone and device activity the times that a device user would be at home, at work, or asleep.

Our tech can predict which user segment will be most receptive to a particular ad campaign. Plus, it will also give you an estimated number of likely user engagements based on which triggers you use. Not only do we provide you the metrics to maximize your user engagement, but we provide the tools necessary to analyse the results of your campaign. Then, we help you figure out how to improve it.

OpenBack Push Notifications Are GDPR, HIPAA, and COPPA Compliant

Of equal importance to our advanced tech is the fact that OpenBack is the only smart-push notification platform that keeps your users’ data safe and secure – that is, data stays where it belongs, in the individual devices. At no point must you store users’ personal information in an external server, where they would be vulnerable to hacks or manipulation.

While your users themselves might not be aware of how their data is being handled from day to day, this means that OpenBack provides solutions that are fully compliant with federal data regulations, such as the EU’s GDPR laws, as well as the United States legislations HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) and COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act).

Competitor push notification platforms default to selling user data to third-party advertisers and researchers. Whereas OpenBack doesn’t resort to legal loopholes, nor do we ask users to sign away their data privacy. With our push notification SDK, users’ personal data stays in their complete possession at all times, abiding by data protection laws across the globe.

Calculate how much your revenue would increase per month using OpenBack:


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