Boost Mobile Game Push Notification Revenue

Push Allow Rate


Increase given Delivery Moment improvement

Click Through Rate

x 2+

Leading Game Studios have seen x2.1 increase in click through from identical campaigns delivered using OpenBack

In-App Purchase (IAP) Increase


Increase in IAP directly attributable to optimized push notification campaigns

LiveOps optimization for push notifications

Without any backend integrations, measure and refine push notifications campaigns anytime from your dashboard, which updates out in your game client-side and deliver with the reliability of local notifications, to maximize revenue & monetization from push notifications. Use 25+ real-time signals to deliver to each player at the best moment for each of them and see revenue, retention and LTV grow instantly.


World of Vikings

A legendary weapon has been revealed in your area! Challenge the mighty boss for a chance to unlock this formidable piece of weaponry!

Boost gameplay with real-time client side personalization

Use push notifications to boost immersive gameplay with stellar push notification & in-app message campaigns to bring the excitement of gameplay out of the app and into your users’ daily lives. Boost user retention with unique contextual signals along with real-time personalisation that allow you to pinpoint which users to target at the right moment. Then use deep links to drive them directly back into your app and resume their game. Personalize and Segment anytime without any backend integrations.


Bejeweled Rush

Your lives have been restored! Tap here to continue your adventure and play the next level.

Drive in-app purchases and ad revenue

By increasing retention, you increase your player funnel for conversion into increased in-app purchases (IAP) as well as more sessions for games monetizing based on ad revenue. Create and optimize notification campaigns that are fully customized to meet your goals. Messages can be sent as little or as often as you like to the exact segment of users who are most likely to spend money in your game.


Mages & Dragons Universe

Happy Halloween! Celebrate the spooky season with our premium sale at the Mage Shop this month!

Data Privacy First - personalise and segment client-side without needing to collect any user data

Stay data compliant (COPPA/GDPR/etc.) by never needing to collect user data from the game, but still be able to use that data client side inside your game on the users device to decide which players should get which message, and when they should get it - including personalizing the content of the messages for them in real-time, anything from nicknames to levels, coins, jewels or whatever makes most sense for your gameplay.

Advanced Metrics in an Instant

Immediately see your Return on Push in terms of Revenue, Active Users, Retention cohorts and more. Understand and export data on how push notifications are impacting D2/D2/D5/D14 etc. players

Lower Cloud & Vendor Costs

By moving real-time processing to the client (mobile edge computing) you increase reliability but also radically reduce your cloud processing costs.

Easy to Deploy

No backend integration Required. Easy to add SDK (3 lines of code for Android), and actively maintained and backwards compatible SDK with huge out of the box feature set, and all customization only a line of extra code each time. Even pass in all your existing analytics events client-side and skip even more backend integrations & data sync headaches.

2 Academy Award Nominations

School of Dragons lets users join Hiccup, Toothless, Astrid and the rest of the Vikings in School of Dragons, a massive 3D world, where they can play in the DreamWorks Animation “How To Train Your Dragon” universe with all their favourite dragons and Viking friends.

Users can raise, train and compete with their dragon — and the more they accomplish with their dragon, the faster they will rise through the ranks at the School of Dragons and become the Ultimate Dragon Trainer.

+10 million Users

After talking to many platforms and building push ourselves, we chose OpenBack given reliability matters a lot for us & our millions of users – since launch, we have been blown away by the increase in engagement and what we are now able to do to give our users the right updates at a good moment.

Mr. Rick Evans
Managing Director

The worlds most popular rugby app uses OpenBack to deliver updates to rugby fans all over the world at the right moment for them, getting them the right update when it matters most. OpenBack has helped Ultimate rugby increase user engagement and drive MAU and engagment.

Leading mobile Game

Learn about how OpenBack has helped them optimize notification campaigns and boost CTR thanks to reliable delivery & improved metrics 🙌

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