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What are your key objectives for push notifications and in-app messaging?

Pick all options that best describes your situation:

We do not send push notifications today

We do not send in-app messages or have an app inbox today

Current push notifications have are having a low impact (low CTR/engagement/app open rate)

Current push notifications don’t always get delivered to our users

We would like to do more personalisation of push notifications

It’s hard to try things and evaluate the results without developer time

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What sort of push notifications and in-app messages are you or would you like to send?

Pick all options that best describes your situation

Delivery users the content they expect from having our mobile app

Engage with users to encourage them to come back again

Encourage in-app or other purchases including shopping card abandonment

Help the onboarding/sign-up process

Special offers & promotions

Rich content including video, images or interactive notifications

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What metrics are you seeing today?

Pick all options that best describes your situation

I don’t send any push today

I don’t have any data available for the push I send today

Push notification opt-in rate

Average click through rate for push notifications in the last 30 days

Average delivery rate for the last 30 days

Current number of phones that has your app installed

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