100% HIPAA Compliant Push Notifications for Healthcare Apps

Data Privacy Compliance for mHealth Apps


Required for all mobile apps used in the healthcare industry

US FTC Fines Under HIPAA Omnibus Rule

$1.5 million

Maximum civil penalty per violation

OpenBack Assures Default HIPAA Compliance for:

Mobile Apps

For healthcare providers, health plans, healthcare clearinghouses, business associates or subcontractors in the health industry

Compliantly Deliver Notifications Without Patient Consent Flows

OpenBack's unique device-side platform lets you send patients personalized and relevant messages, without removing their data from the device.

Full Personalization & Segmentation

All Personal Data Stays on Device

Each app install collects the latest message campaigns & rules, stores and personalizes on-device, and then delivers at the right moment for each user.

mHealth Apps Required to Obtain Patient Consent Before Sending Their Data to 3rd Parties

In the US, mobile apps in the healthcare industry fall under the jurisdiction of HIPAA, which makes it illegal to transfer patients' private health information (PHI) to 3rd parties without first obtaining the patient's consent. In the EU, patients' data privacy is covered more generally by the Genderal Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). While traditional mobile engagement platforms require a push token to be processed in a 3rd-party cloud server, meaning they need to gain patient consent to take their data off-device, OpenBack does not require the push token to deliver notifications. Our device-side approach uses local notifications, meaning patient data never has to leave the device and your app is regulation-compliant by default.

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Segment Groups of Users

All segmentation rules are set in the dashboard, and then collected by each app where the business rules are applied on device, without ever needing to collect that data.

Personalize Message Content

Message templates can be personalized in real-time on device based on any attributes you like.

Patient Consent Flow Support

Explicit-device-side support for app users completing patient consent flows, so app users can then get specific messages from your app's backend systems using a S2S connection.

Hello Heart

Clinically based mobile solution empowering employees ot improve their heart health, including a peer-review clinical study for hypertension. Hello Heart leverages OpenBack Smart Notifications to remind users to take regular blood pressure readings by sending notification at the perfect moment for them.

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