The most advanced mobile engagement platform in the world

OpenBack is the only mobile engagement platform with Dynamic Push Notifications and Device-Side Decisions, guaranteed to reach every user every time with feature rich notifications.


Messaging & Orchestration

Compose feature-rich notifications that drive action and get results.

Compose rich, engaging and interactive notifications with images, seamless video, deep links and buttons - in one or more languages.

Feature-rich dynamic push notifications

Full control of all aspects of notifications including rich media notifications, interactive button notifications, badges, alert sounds & vibration and much more.

Live Push

The fastest instant push delivery to all or segments of users

In-App Messages

Native - fully responsive, completely customizable to match; fast loading; banner format, interstitial format, theme editor including background pre-roll loading of multimedia content including videos and images.

Dashboard Preview

View all notifications before you send.

OpenBack Companion App

Use the OpenBack Companion App to test notifications in real-time on your own device before sending to your users.

Advanced Deep Links

Simple shortcuts for deep linking from campaigns in a few clicks, including behind in-app/interstitial IDM messages and automatic application of promocodes

Message Scheduling

Schedule the delivery of push notifications based on true local device time (not when they last opened the app)

Advanced Marketing Automation

Control how often a notification is delivered depending on interactions and time, recurring delivery message campaign settings are based on interactions as well as click / app opens with time intervals.

Frequency Capping Limits

User Message Limit Management including the maximum velocity and frequency of messages and minimum amount of time between messages.

Offline Delivery

Deliver notifications even when the user has no data connection (including airplane mode & data/WiFi turned off)

Intelligent Routing, Cross-Device Prioritization & Cross-Device Orchestration with Universal Dismiss

A suite of capabilities to route user messaging across multiple message types (omni-channel), multiple apps and multiple devices, including if a user opts out/blocks push notifications fall back to email and/or SMS and if someone dismisses a notification on one device, it is removed from all devices.

Dynamic Notifications

Post delivery updates - update push notifications with the latest content or completely remove push notifications already sent including if you need to recall a message straight from users lock screens.

App Message Inbox (Local API)

Supports the integration of a message inbox within your app's interface regardless of notification status.


Personalise the content of your messages as well as the moment of delivery for each user for the highest engagement while delivering great user experience.

Made of the KPI-Obsessed marketer, as the only Mobile Engagement platform with Smart Notifications and Device-Side Decisions, OpenBack offers unparrallelled ways to get smart and personalise the content of a message as well as the moment it is delivered to your users.

Dynamic Real-Time Segmentation

Use and customize 25+ Audience - User Behavior segments to immediately segment and deliver based on user and behavioral data, device data, custom attributes and segments; churn & retention - even without integrating any backend systems.

User-Centric Moment of Delivery Signals

Use 25+ Moment of Delivery Signals to deliver messages at the perfect moment for your customers with real-time context for every message campaign. Includes advanced location and geo-fence triggers, customisable delays, machine learning and much more.

Machine Learning Device Decisions Delivery

Use hundreds of device data points over time for each user to optimise the delivery moment to drive push notifcation interactions, clicks or goal conversions.

Machine Learning Location Delivery

Deliver based on when a user is at home or at work without ever asking for or tracking their exact moment.

Local Device Time

Personalise delivery based on true local device time, including night mode to ensure no delivery outside waking hours.

Auto Multi-Language Support

Multi-lingual support out of the box (easy to send out in many languages)

Message Content Personalisation

Include multiple personal data points (e.g., attributes - name, level, plan, etc.) using information from the app as well as from any backend platforms if needed. Uniquely the OpenBack client-side SDK can collect attributes directly from other systems to personalize messages with our Real-Time Cloud Content Feature.

Leverage Event & Analytics tags

Use custom events as input triggers to campaigns, all collected and synchronized in real-time on device.

Fallback Push Notifications

Deliver a notification by a deadline regardless of delivery triggers never being met.

Notification Styling

Advanced customization of notifications for Android including Italics, Bold, text colour and notification background colour.

Random Content

Setup multiple versions of content for message campaigns, to ensure content is always refresh and engaging for your users.

Real-Time Cloud Content

Setup the OpenBack client SDK on the users device to pull in updated information directly from any API or backend system to populate and personal content. Latest game updates, hotel room prices, etc.

Feature Comparison

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Platform & Support

The only secure and compliant platform available.

OpenBack’s unique solution means for the first time every aspect of the push notification funnel can be tracking and reported on to help you get smart and grow aggressively.

Guaranteed Delivery

Guaranteed delivery rate given no longer reliant on APNS (iOS) or FCM/Firebase (Android) to deliver notifications.


Also works alongside any existing push notification or CRM platform.

Multi-App Management (MaM)

Manage multiple apps from one dashboard and account. Helpful for businesses with many apps, or versions for specific app stores or specific markets (i.e., China).

Stable, Proven SDK’s

Our lightweight SDK (less than 300kB) has been installed on tens of millions of devices, and updates itself to the latest versions automatically.

Cross-Platform SDK’s

Support for cross platform plugins including Titanium, Cordova, ReactNativ, Unity and more.

Platform Integrations

Versatile set of APIs for easy integration into a wide range of 3rd party platforms including Data Warehouse & Customer Data Platform (CDP) integrations. See Platform Integrations

Client API - Message Campaigns

Create, edit and delete all campaigns using our full featured RESTful API. Combine backend data with OpenBack device-side data for even more advanced personalisation.

Client API - Custom Reporting

Retrieve reporting data on call campaigns, messages and users via RESTful API.

Email Service Provider (ESP)

Full 3rd party email service provider integration.

SMS Provider Support (SMPP/SMSC)

Full 3rd party SMS service provider integration.

Data Streaming

Supports real-time data streaming of app device and user data and make available for collection.

Client API: High Velocity

Optional upgrade to support high volume of inbound backend requests, only for the largest customer solutions.

Low Battery Footprint

Independently tested against server side push providers, OpenBack uses less battery given device-side decisions.

Enterprise Grade

OpenBack is a fully enterprise grade platform which regularly undergoes audits and testing. The platform is highly scalable and supports over 2.4 billion apps.

Metrics & Analytics

Master your metrics with our Audience Estimation, Delivery Predictions, and Campaign Reporting tools for predictable impact.

OpenBack’s unique solution means for the first time every aspect of the push notification funnel can be tracking and reported on to help you get smart and grow aggresively.

Full Metrics & Analytics

Complete message campaign data including delivered, interacted, dismissed, clicked, app open, goal completed, uninstalled, event tracking, cohorts, time in app/dwell time, churn prediction

Goal Conversion Metrics

Full tracking of notification from delivery through to attributed goal conversion as well as influenced goal conversions

Opt-Out and Uninstall Metrics

Report on push notification opt-outs and uninstalls based on specific messaging campaigns.

Per User Attribution

All data views are built up from per user per app data views without estimations

Audience Estimation & Predictions

Uses machine learning to predict not just the audience for a message campaign, but also the likely number of users to engage with the message based on the delivery moment triggers.

Attribution Tags

Add URL based attribution tags to any push notification to track from 3rd party systems without deep custom integrations.

Control Groups & AB Testing

Full testing and control group capabilities for messaging campaigns

Notification Analytics Funnel

Insights into the push notification analytics funnel and many more dashboards and insights

Message & App Level Insights

Detailed reporting and dashboards at app level and message campaign level views

App Install Data

Leverage data based on which other mobile apps are installed on the users device.

CSV exports

Export raw data from dashboards in a click.

Feature Comparison

Download Excel Feature List


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