Check metrics and test message campaigns instantly from your own phone

Install the OpenBack Companion App on your phone now to check the metrics from your OpenBack account from anywhere as well as instantly testing message campaigns before sending them out to your users.

Manage and review metrics from existing message campaigns and your mobile apps from your OpenBack dashboard and test them with real time audience & device triggers or simulated triggers.

Device triggers are used to test messages in real situations, while simulated triggers give you control over all of the device settings to force fire messages. Simply login with your OpenBack username that you use for the dashboard.

  • View all existing message campaigns and metrics from within your dashboards.
  • Use device or simulated triggers to test campaigns.
  • Visualise In-App Messages (including: Images, Videos, Web URLs and more) on your device.
  • Manage or make edits to user profile info.
  • Single sign-on is required for your account, securely login from anywhere.
Screenshot of app


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